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Raul Wallenberg

No description

Charley Nguyen

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Raul Wallenberg

Raul Wallenberg A descendant of a wealthy and prestigious family of bankers, industrialists, and diplomats. Raoul's grandfather, Gustav Wallenberg, was the teacher and gave Raoul his education. The plan was for him to continue the family legacy and become a banker but he was more fascinated in architecture and trade. In 1930, Raoul graduated with top grades in
both Russian and drawing. In 1931 after spending sometime in the armed services he traveled to America and studied architecture at the University of MichiganinAnn Arbor. Graduated from the U. with a medal in honors that went to the person with the most impressive academic record. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Architecture design and returned home to Sweden but due to the small architecture business there his grandfather sent him to Cape Town, South Africa where he sold building materials. Raoul Wallenberg was born in August 4, 1912 to a famous Swedish family who contributed many bankers to Sweden After 6 months his grandfather arranged for him to work at a bank in Haifa, Palestine. You may know this major city today as Israel Raoul had then met Jews who had escaped Hitler's Germany and heard of the horrid stories they told and this effected him deeply because he had a very humane attitude and probably because he was also a bit jewish himself. Wallenberg became involved in government issues and was assigned to Sweden's legation in Budapest where he helped save roughly around 100,000 Hungarian Jews by making them fake passports and letting them live in rented or bought homes throughout the war. Today he is honored with many awards and statues. So much that i cannot list them all. He has been awarded with many statues, some of which are located in London and his native country Sweden. He was also officially made an honorary American in 1981 "Never postpone until tomorrow what you can postpone until the day after." "I encounter one example after another of how relative truth is." Raoul's Death
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