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University of Alabama

No description

Gavin Medley

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of University of Alabama

Gavin Medley University of Alabama History Founded in 1831 as Alabama's first public college First enrollment; 52 students In 1818, the federal government authorized Alabama Territory to be set aside for the University http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Alabama Requirements http://tour.ua.edu/tourstops/ Not a set GPA, but 3.4 average •SAT Critical Reading: 500 / 620,
SAT Math: 500 / 640
SAT Writing: 490 / 620 •ACT Composite: 22 / 29
ACT English: 22 / 31
ACT Math: 20 / 27 Cross Country (M) Sports Social & Academic Support First Year Experience (FYE) is an area of the Division of Student Affairs committed to supporting the academic and social transition Provide a Counseling Center Housing Required to live in on-campus dorm freshman year http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2010/06/university_of_alabama_plans_to.html After freshman year, you can live on or off campus http://housing.ua.edu/halls/hall_list.cfm Basketball (M&W) Golf (M&W) Gymnastics (W) Football (M) Rowing (W) Soccer (M&W) Softball (W) Swimming & Diving (M&W) Tennis (M&W) Track & Field (M) Student Body & Diversity 79% White, 12% Black, 9% Other 55% Women, 45% Men 60% in-state, 40% out of state http://www.rolltidedistrict.com/products/003-1035/image/keepcalm_rolltide.jpg/Alabama-Crimson-Keep-Calm-and-Roll-Tide-T-Shirt-image.html Financial Support 53% go off of scholarship/grant/financial support 47% go off of jobs/loans Financial Aid I will need scholarships/financial aid Academic Scholarships and Athletic Since I have family members at UA I will be a legend,which will be a price cut 81% of freshman receive financial aid Specialty Business The Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration is the oldest school of business in Alabama 87 years old One of the best Business Colleges in the south Majors If you decide to change your major, UA has over 200 fields of study and over 80 majors Strong in many other majors + fields Fun Fact Did you know that if you add the number of seats in Bryant Denny Stadium together they equal the number of BCS titles we have? They add 1 seat every time we win another title 101,822 Winston Groom- Author of Forest Gump
Jimmy Wales- co-founder of Wikipedia
Kathryn Stockett- Author of The Help
Bob Riley- former Governor of Alabama Many well known athletes:
Mark Ingram- NFL; Saints
Julio Jones- NFL; Falcons Well-Known Alumni Networking Opportunities Most professors are required to have at least a masters in their field of study Graduates tend to hold higher positions and go on to excel However there are many more famous athletes than scholars Reputation Known as a football college Also known for academics, if you graduate from UA you will likely not have a problem finding a job Academic Atmosphere + Social Life 415 clubs Greek Life 45% of Men pledge greek 55% of Women pledge greek School Size Student to teacher ratio: 19 to 1 Students enrolled currently: 33,602 Location Tuscaloosa, Alabama Has 24-hour Safety Poll 3 1/2 hours away from home Round trip approx. $75 Urban 45 minutes away from Birmingham Tuscaloosa is a University town Weather is like Columbus Beautiful, very green Works Cited ua.edu School website Fun Fact UA's mascot is Big Al Campus Fun Fact On campus is Bryce Hospital, is used to hold the mentally insane It is vacant now, but alot of people say its haunted THE END
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