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Marco Newman

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Theme

Coming of Age
- The whole book is about Marji and her journey throughout life. It shows her growing and developing into a women in ways that most people wouldn't understand.
The Majority of the book is set in Iran’s capital city of Tehran. There is a lot of historical content in this book with regards to the rebellions and wars. Over the time period of the book there is a major revolution against the Shah, another revolt, and a war. The book takes place during the late 1900’s and highlights all the changes in the culture and feelings towards the controlling power in Iran. In regards to coming of age the setting plays a huge role. It is a violent and complex time where children are exposed to so much more shit then anybody in the US would be.


There are many different tonal shifts in this book of how Marji goes through the different situations that are occurring in this time. At the start of the book we see a child-like tone due to her young age, but as the book goes on we see her in different situations of sadness, turmoil, and worry when she grows up. She experiences different ways of approaching these things with the pressures from the government, community, and herself.

Marji faces many conflicts throughout the book. Some range from trying to find herself and growing up, to the community and the pressures for her to be the perfect girl. In regards to her coming of age she has some trouble understanding how her life is changing and what needs to also change.
The scene that Marji smoked her first cigarette is another key moment to the story. From that point on she is considered herself an adult and began acting and feeling more like an adult. This leads to her becoming more of a rebel and a cigarette addict.
Persepolis Final Project
Marji- Marji is the main character in the book. When she was younger, she relied on the words of others to form her opinions and religion was a big part of her ideology. As she got older, her eyes were opened and she began to form her own opinions. She adopted communist ideals.

Another scene of note is in the second part of the movie when she starts growing and looking more and more like a woman. After that moment for the rest of the book she looks and acts as if she has just grown up instantly. Her parents don't even recognize her when they see her at the airport.
Father- Marji’s father is a very opinionated man. He also believed communism was the solution to the world’s problems and he protested against the Shah. He had to send his only daughter to Turkey to live a better life.
Mother- Marji’s mother is much like her husband but more radical. She went to rallies and protested against the Shah and then protested against the veil. She looks out for Marji and wants to make sure that she passes along her beliefs to her daughter.

Grandmother- Marji’s grandmother does not protest publicly and lives a simple life. Marji feels very close to her because she holds the same beliefs that Marji does but she isn’t risking her life.
Anoosh- Marji’s uncle who was a political prisoner. Marji liked him very much because he was a hero to her. He risked his life to protect his opinions and ended up dying because of it. He also loved Marji because she was the daughter he never had.
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