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Class of 2014

No description

Kathy Fields

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Class of 2014

Tech/Trade School
Scholarships: know more

Presented by LTHS Guidance Services
Kelliann Booth, Counselor
Kathy Fields, Counselor
Kim Koranda, Counselor
Debbie Turrisi, Career and College Center Manager
Career Specific
Certificate Programs
Short-term programs
and training
Do your research!
Common Questions
Junior College
Community College
2 year Colleges

Special Guests
Rosa Salazar, JJC Recruiment Specialist
Ryan Cockerill, Lewis University Director of Admissions
Corey Richardon, Western Illinois University Admissions
Cody Dailey, ISAC Representative
"What is more important-my ACT, my rank, or my gpa?"
"If my friend got admitted with a 25 ACT, I should have no problem getting in, right?"
"Do I have a better chance of getting in if I list 'undecided'?"
Class of 2014
more text
more text
more text
Associates Degree
Transfer Credits
File your FAFSA after January 1
Flexible Schedule
Commuter options
FAFSA stands for 'Free Application for
Federal Student Aid'
Four Year Colleges
and Universities
Defining the options
Public/State Universities
Latest Admission Trends
12 Illinois State Universities
83 Private colleges in Illinois alone.

The ABC's of
College Admissions
To request official ACT scores:

Official scores must be requested directly from ACT
Not necessary for the up to 4 schools you listed on your ACT registration form. If you forgot which schools you chose, look at the bottom of your test results sheet.

Go to www.actstudent.org www.actstudent.org
Click on the link “Send Your Scores”.
$12 per copy per school

LTHS will NOT send photocopies of ACT score reports.

The next ACT dates:
October 26, 2013
*register by regular deadline of September 27, 2013 to avoid any late fees

Mailing the application materials:

You are responsible for making sure your application is complete.
Application completed on-line
Official ACT Scores requested from ACT
Official transcript sent to university
Any other documents sent to the university
(recommendations, counselor form, portfolios, etc.)

Allow a minimum of 10 days from the postmark date for a school to receive and process your application.

Requesting an individual to write
you a letter of recommendation:

Be sure to allow at least 2 weeks for the individual to complete the letter.

Recommendation worksheets are available in the guidance office. The information is often helpful to the person writing the recommendation.

You do not need to send a letter of recommendation unless the university specifically requests one!

Requesting a Counselor Recommendation or Signature:

If you have any materials that need to be completed by a counselor, you must make an appointment to see your counselor.
Appointments are made before school, during passing periods, and after school.
Bring all necessary counselor forms to your appointment.
The counselor will return them to you directly so you may mail them with the official transcript to the appropriate school.
A minimum of 2 weeks for the university counselor form.
A minimum of 2 weeks for a letter of recommendation.

To send an official transcript

Complete Official Transcript Request card in Registrar’s Office.
You may request a maximum of 3 transcripts at a time. Do not open the sealed envelope as it will no longer be official.
Address the sealed envelope and send it to the appropriate school.
Registrar’s Office Hours 7:30 – 3:15
You may request transcripts before and after school, and during lunch/study hall periods.

Where to Get a College Application

On the college websites, usually listed under: “Admissions” or “Freshman” or “Prospective Student”.
Be sure to use the Undergraduate application.
More colleges are now using the Common Application

Be advised that MOST colleges have an application deadline. Others may have rolling admission.
Some select universities have the CSS Profile, an additional financial application.
LTHS recommends all college applications be completed by Nov. 1.

The College Application Process

Colleges Will Look At...
Weighted and Unweighted
ACT score
Rigor of High School Coursework
Personal Essay
Letter of Recommendation
Activities/Community Service/Athletics/work Experience

Colleges are looking for a well-rounded student
Make sure to highlight your experiences
Extracurricular Activities
Work Experience
Community Service
Application Essays/
Personal Statements
Talk about personal experience that is not listed in the application.

What sets you apart from other applicants

Explanation of grades - discuss how you found academic success

Discuss unique aspects of yourself - this is how you are able to show who you are as an individual
Knowing the Language of Admissions
= Offered Admission

= A student's admission decision is moved to a later date.

= Most students don't get into every college they apply to. Schedule another visit with the safety school that accepted you - you might view it differently now that you're not considering it as a back up plan.

= Consists of "overflow" students who have not been accepted to a particular institution but are awaiting an opening for possible enrollment.
Get your FAFSA Pin number at fafsa.ed.gov
*Do NOT pay for this! fafsa.com will charge a fee
Join LTHS for FAFSA Completion Night
January 22, 2014
EARLY ACTION - apply by the early deadline, before the regular admission deadline

EARLY DECISION - Apply by the early deadline and receive early notification regarding acceptance, denial or deferment. BINDING!

EARLY ADMISSION - Admission to college before completing a traditional four year high school program

REGULAR ADMISSION - Final application deadline

ROLLING ADMISSION - Decisions are made as applications are received. No application deadline
The Award Letters
Your award letter will break
down the financial information.
Use this to compare schools
Compare your award letters at:
Academic/Merit - Scholarship
awards based on academic
achievement. These are often
presented to a student once
they apply to the college or
Athletic -
D1, D2, D3, NAIA -
Check with the NCAA
and NAIA
Talent - Often awarded through a college/university upon completion of an audition or portfolio review.
Need Based - Many scholarship applications may ask for current tax information to determine eligibility
Community Based - Many organizations award scholarships to students for community or volunteer service.
"How do I make an educated decision on my college choice?"
Compare Majors, program requirements, scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, extracurriculars, program fees, and the community.
This is it!!!
Respond to the college you have decided to attend. Make sure to send in the following items by the deadline:
Your acceptance letter
The required deposit
A separate signed acceptance letter for financial aid, if required
Respond to the colleges you are declining to make room for other students
Make the most of it!
Build your resume
Make meaningful connections
Internship opportunities
Student organizations
"I've Been Accepted. Now what do I do?"
Thank you for coming

For more information,
please go to


and follow us on


January 14 - Senior Scholarship Presentation
During all lunch periods
Private Colleges and Universities
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