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Prepositional Phrases

No description

Mitch Doxsee

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrases
Back Ground Review
Prepositions help identify the location of a noun or pronoun.
Rick is
the horse.
Rick is
the lines.
Rick is
the guard rail.
Rick is
Rick is
deserted cars.
The horse is
The horse is heading
Rick feels
in the dumps because he can't find his family.

Here's a boring but important list of prepositions. You should probably be familiar with some
of these for the quiz!
Now to the exciting stuff!
Did you know that in order for a preposition to be a preposition it has to be part of a prepositional phrase?

Michonne chopped the head
a zombie.
Michonne fights
Rick and Carl.
I think Daryl and Michonne should go out


each other.

She had to put her sword
the Governor
to save Rick's life.
I know! Crazy!
Now, Michonne wants you to know something else.
I'd listen if I were you. See what happened to the last person who didn't listen to her?
She wants you to know that prepositional phrases can either be....
adjective phrases or adverb phrases!
Daryl and Machonne fought
the zombies.
This is Daryl, another zombie killing extraordinaire.
Daryl kills zombies
with the crossbow

on his back.
with the crossbow
is an exampled of an Adverb phrase because it modifies the word "kill," which is a verb.
on his back
is an example of a adjective phrase because it modifies the noun "crossbow."
Daryl wants you to help Carl learn his adjective and adverb phrases.
Do you want to help? I would. Have you seen Darryl angry?
This is Carl. He was a little annoying at the beginning of the outbreak, but he's getting better. Still we need to help Carl learn his adverb and adjective phrases. They are vital to surviving the zombie
Rick decapitated the zombie
with the missing eye.
Daryl shot
over Rick's head
to kill a zombie
behind him
After the show

I cried because Beth died.
During the season finale,

everyone thought Rick was crazy.
Not a good thing.
A prepositional phrase begins with the preposition and ends with the object of the preposition.
For further clarification, let's go to out favorite psychotic post apocalyptic zombie mother, Carol.
Carol cleans zombie blood
off the clothes.
After a hard day,
Carol likes to take long walks
in the forest
to kill zombies.
Carol was upset
with Rick
because he didn't bring her washing detergent
after his run

to Atlanta.
But it's not as hard as it seems.
Michonne knows just how important prepositional phrases are to zombie killing.
While Carol likes prepositional phrases.....
Michonne also knows that when a prepositional phrase of four or more words begins a sentence, it gets a comma after it.

After the fight she cleaned her sword.

After the long hard fight, she cleaned her sword.
For further clarification on adverb and adjective phrases, let's go to Daryl, our favorite end times redneck.
I hope you enjoyed your time in the zombie apocalypse! Now it's time for you to train for it.
Now it's time for you to start your training to survive the zombie outbreak!
Be sure to check out the adverb and adjective phrase homework on Canvas to start your training.
I know that visiting the zombie apocalypse is a little scary. So I want you to visit the beach and have some rest and relaxation before you begin work. Enjoy the scenery!
But before we go...
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