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Animal Cruelty

AIG Project 2013-2014

Miriam Nava

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty
What is animal cruelty?
Animal cruelty is willful pain,suffering, or death of an animal on purpose or neglect of the animal. Some people are abusing animals but they don't know. Animal cruelty isn't all out physical abuse it is also about being to care for the animal. Being able to give it the right shelter, food and water, and taking it to the vet.
Types of animal abuse
There are different types of animal abuse.Fur trading, dog fighting,animal experimentation,puppy farms and mills, and pet abandonment (etc.).
Dog fighting
Dog fighting is everywhere even if you don't hear it or see it, it's there. Dog fighting is practiced everywhere around the word, some countries take it as entertainment for the whole family. The most common breeds they use are Pit Bulls, Stafford shire Bull Terriers, and American Stafford shire Terriers. They use those breeds because they are strong and muscular. They are called nanny dogs because they are so loyal,gentle,loving,and caring.They would do anything for there owner, even if it has to do with agonizing pain.The dogs loyalty makes them easier to manipulate.Some people think it is the dog's behavior, but like Cesar Milan says "It has nothing to do with the size or the breed. It has to do with who is behind the dog."
fur trading
The fur industry is big in china, in fact China is the world leader in the fur production. They skin animals alive, unfortunately there are no laws protecting the animals. The animals are taken from streets or fur farms and shoved in small cages, hardly getting space. They are tossed into trucks with no care at all and taken to a factory. They are then pulled out of the cage and tied so the animal won't fight back. The animal gets hit in the head hard but made sure not to be dead.It is believed that if the animal is still alive it will be easier to skin. If the animal is not to heavy the worker grabs it by its hind legs and smashes the body on the ground. Once the animal is in too much pain, the worker starts to skin it. When the worker is done with skinning, the animal is then thrown into a pile with other animals and left to die.
Puppy Farms/mills
Puppy farms are were people breed puppies to sell. They get money off them and just breed them over and over again.Most pet shops get there puppies from puppy mills.These puppies and their mother do NOT get any vet treatments. These dogs die of illnesses or infections. No dog is checked to see if it is suited to be a breeding dog, therefore horrible traits are passed down to the offspring. Many of the puppies are deformed, if they are they are killed. When the dogs cannot be used to breed anymore they are also killed. The puppies are taken away from their mother too young,leaving the puppies weak and most likely to have illnesses. They are taking to the people who buy them, most of the pups die on the way over there or in the storage room of the pet stores. If people wouldn't buy puppies from pet shops the mill industry would be over. So please if you are getting puppies consider adoption from your local shelter. There are many puppies that were abandoned and need love, you can be that person who gives them that love.
animal experimentation
Most people think experimentation is need to advance in the medical field, but its not. Animal experimentation is NOT required. Then why do we do it? Like dog fighting,animal experimentation is everywhere. Hidden laboratories in military bases, they have even found some in universities. It is a fact that over 100 million animals die every year of Cosmetic, chemical, drug and food Companies, medical research, laboratories, university Laboratories, and medical training exercises. When they finally record their symptoms the animals are then killed, removing all the proof. The Lethal Dose 50 Percent is where animal are used to experiment lip stick, skin care products, shampoo, and nail polish. A lot of tests are took in on the poor animal and it is truly disgusting. It is documented that monkeys have lost fingers and limbs through the testing sessions. They don't get medical care,for example if a animal got burned it would not got anti-biotic or get it wrapped up in bandages. They also get cramped up in cages and restraint tubes. In 2004 someone freed 47 animals from the laboratory and dog kennels at W.B Saul High School, Philadelphia, USA.
By:Miriam Nava
This presentation contains graphic evidence of animal abuse.
Pet Abandonment
Pet abandonment is happening daily, every second, everywhere. It is a HUGE problem around the world. Everyday 10,000 people are born--- everyday 70,000 puppies are born causing there population to increase dramatically. When a puppy is born the time starts to run down. They have a limited amount of time for someone to claim them or someone to find a spot in a rescue facility. People who are in those facilities volunteer to work day and night to give dogs a chance to live. In the U.S, dogs are give 48 hours to be claimed or adopted. In the UK, dogs are given 7 days to be claimed, if they aren't claimed they are too be killed. Around 6 million dogs every year are abandoned in the US alone, can you imagine how many in the world?! During Christmas the pet abandonment numbers soar. Most people ask 'Why do we have this problem?'. The biggest cause is people don't spay or neuter animals but there are many more causes. 'How can we fix this problem?' People need to spay or neuter their animals , they can also get a micro chip in their dog's skin so if a shelter or pound finds them they can scan the dog and located the owner. Most dogs that enter the pound are pit bulls, or what they call "bully" breeds. Those dogs are entering the gates of hell one they enter a pound, because most people think of them as mean dogs they won't adopt them. So please, if you are planning to get a pet go to your local shelter and adopt. These dogs at the shelter have a glimpse of hope for someone to adopt them. That someone could be you.

What can i do?
People can help stop animal cruelty, instead of getting angry do something. If you see ANY animal cruelty, wither it to be online or even in sight, call 9-1-1 report it to the authorities. Take part in petitions and campaigns against animal cruelty. You can raise money in your community or just donate dog food to your local shelter. You can even volunteer at least an hour of your time. Even the smallest things help the animals. Donate toys to your local shelter or even gently used blankets. "You must be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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