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Safety in the textile room

No description

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Safety in the textile room

Lesson 1 - Safety in the textile room S1 Let's Sew Unit Lets find out! What are the safety rules in the textile room Hang up coats and put bags away

Don't run

Tie long hair back

Check your sewing boxes have all the correct equipment

Throw away bent needle or pins

Never put needles in you mouth - you could swallow them!

Hold scissors blade down

Pass scissors by the handle

Switch electrical equipment off when not using

Never touch the iron plate - you could burn yourself!

Only one person at a sewing machine at any one time Lets complete Task 1 Look at the picture in your workbook and write down some dangers and what accident they might cause. How could you prevent it? Let's complete the group exercise on safety in the textile room. In your groups carry out the dominoes activity Let's complete task 2
As you have just completed the dominoes game, now complete task 2 in your workbook. Well Done! Now that you know how to be safe in the textiles room next lesson we will look at the equipment we will be using! Safety Rules
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