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One Dollar Project

No description

育韬 计

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of One Dollar Project

If you had
One opportunity
To buy something you ever wanted...
One moment
Would you...?
If you were in Manchester
If you were in Seoul
If you were in Cairo
If you are in L.A.
Can we do something more meaningful with one dollar?
Especially when
you know someone
who needs it more?
If you were in China
If you were in
Fenghuang, Hunan Province
=5 notebooks
= 5 pens
= 1 book
= 1 Meal
= 6 bottles of water
= 6 bread
= 2 dolls
= 6 ping-pong balls 
One dollar makes great difference!
That's why we launch the
Who are they?
They are
Left-Behind Children
whose parents leave their hometown for making a living
What is
One Dollar Project is...
Found by Chinese International Students who study in America.
A non-profit project cling to America EACT Association and Fenghuang County Teenager Volunteer Association.
Has over 300 members and covered four countries.
Volunteers will using the money buy some study stuff and pay for the tuition.
What have we done?
May 2012
June 2012
May 2012
To donate a little
But change a lot

Contact us!
What a
Wonderful world
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