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Zoe Zivalic

on 14 November 2013

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Project Physics
Murlin Trebuchet
by Zoe Zivalic

Newtons Laws of Motion
First Law:An Object is either at rest or moving with a constant velocity unless acted on upon an external force (law of inertia)

"The derivatives of the trebuchet started off with the sling,then to the catapult then the balista and mangonel.The trebuchet came 2000 years later from the Chinese."(library) "Trebuchets were used as siege engine, a weapon to throw objects long distance in the Middle Ages."(wiki)"Trebuchets appeared in both Christian and Muslim lands around the Mediterranean in the 12th century,flinging projectiles over 350 pounds to enemies"(wiki).Eventually it traveled to Europe and the French advanced the trebuchet"(library)

I brought a drill which we never used, and a drill bit,i drilled in holes and gave my moral support to the other team mates.I learned how hard it is to build a trebuchet and the physics behind it such as the energy forces and the Newton Laws and how it all works. What i would have done differently is i would have been more organized and made a list of all the measurements and tools/supplies needed and would have gotten stronger and better wood earlier. I also think we could have used more time to work on it together and next time have stronger rope to use.
Makes a parabola shape when the trigger mechansim is released, also called the release angle. :)
Works Cited
Second Law:Acceleration of a body, The greater the mass is the greater the force is
Force = Acceleration x Mass (F=ma)
Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action
"A trebuchet is a lever and a sling, the lever gives a mechanical advantage when given a pivot point(fulcrum) uses to move heavy loads with less effort.A trebuchet is a first class lever, one end is pushed down while the other is lifted up portraying potential energy and kinetic energy. The potential is an object falling from gravitational pull while kinetic is an object is moving against gravity.The input force being the falling weights and the output force the swinging arm."(library)
Basic Description
What it has to do with the Newton laws
"The weight wants go down but is stopped by the ground, Gravity is the acceleration of the object being thrown, the mass is the weights.The mass of our weights are x-9.8m/s^2 which equals the force of the weight, the mass of projectile times the acceleration from the trebuchet equals the force of the projectile.The falling weight causes the weights to move upwards.The frame is the body/base that supports the arm and counterweight. The counterweight is the large mass on the short arm. The sling holds the object ready to launch. The trebuchet is powered by a strong enough force to throw the projectile"(library) in our case the weights are throwing a baseball and has 5 arms sprockets which makes our trebuchet unique.
Blue Prints of Murlin Trebuchet
The Arm---->
198.12 cm x2 243.84 cm 30.48 cm wide
What Makes our Trebuchet Unique
It has 5 arm sprockets

Built to be the most suffiecient with the use of sprocket arm
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