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Emotions and College Success

Describes the non-cognitive factors that correlate with college success

Amy Frieling

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Emotions and College Success

So you want to do well in COLLEGE? It's easier than you might think You don't need a terrific SAT or COMPASS score.
You don't even need to be a terrific writer.
That's what you're here to learn! Showing up for class is a better
predictor of good grades in
college than.... your study skills your study habits your high-school GPA your scores on the SAT, ACT, or COMPASS But attendance is more than
just walking through the door. This guy isn't really attending... And neither is she. You increase your chance of
success by doing one simple thing... attending Attendance means being
on time, every time to class with
no excuses. It means staying until
class is over, and not packing up
your stuff until you are dismissed. It means being prepared to particpate because you've done the reading and written the required paper It also means.... and this is the hard part... prioritizing your education You might need to say NO
to taking your cousin to
court for this third D.U.I. And you might need
to say NO to attending
your boyfriend's niece's
third birthday party. And you might even
need to say NO to your
husband's great aunt's
funeral This isn't to say that
there aren't legitimate
reasons for being absent. THERE ARE! And I will be sympathetic if
you tell me that your child
is sick and you have to stay home,
or that you had a death in the
family, or that your car broke down... I may even be
sympathetic if
you tell me that
you have to have
root canal But the reason for
your absence does not
change the fact that you
were absent and
missed valuable course
content. Or to scheduling
a dentist's appointment
during class time And I want you to touch base
with me if you will be absent and you need to know
upfront... that students who
attend regularly are more
around you... Are you going to be a STATISTIC?
Are you going to be present....
or absent?

It is totally up to you.

Is college important? or not?

Only YOU have the ability to control what happens.
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