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World Poetry Day

No description

N Dorking

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of World Poetry Day

Poetry in Motion
This is a commonly used phrase/ expression: What does it mean?
Wayne Rooney's goal was 'poetry in motion'.
The couple's first dance was 'poetry in motion'.
Try to think of a meaning for these expressions/phrases.
Poetic license
Poetic justice
A poem may appear to mean very different things to different readers, and all of these meanings may be different from what the poet thought he meant. For instance, the poet may have been writing some peculiar personal experience, which he saw quite unrelated to anything outside; yet for the reader the poem may become the expression of a general situation, as well as of some private experience of his own. The reader's interpretation may differ from the poet and be equally valid-- it may even be better. There may be much more in a poem than the poet was aware of.

T.S. Eliot
I believe poetry is about a moment. It's about finding the words to use when there are none; expressing yourself when you don't know what to say.
Sometimes it's easier to express ourselves through poetry and song.
What should a good poem do?

How many poetic devices can you think of?
Your Turn!
We are going to write some poetry about a moment. You need to put the feelings and emotions of a single moment into poetry.

Either, think of a moment of your own, or take inspiration from the pictures below.
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