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I am Special

This story is about self acceptance

Denise McDonald

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of I am Special

I am Special Written & Illustrated by:
Denise McDonald So the next evening Bella flew down from the tree to a
near by pond to meet her friends Dionne the Duckling, Jason the Blue Jay and Betty the Butterfly. They have been best friends ever since they hatched. They were very close, but Bella could only come out and play only when the sun went down. It started to get really dark out side, so they knew it
was time to go home. On the way back Dionne fell in to a deep
hole. Dionne was too far for them to reach and it was very dark.
Bella knew exactly what to do. She got a rope and went down
into the hole because she was the only one who could see in the
dark. Then she did her special bat call that only other bats could hear,
in a matter of minutes hundreds of bats came and pulled
Dionne out of the hole. Once upon time there was a Bat named Bella
who lived in a tree. One day Bella was very unhappy. Her mother didn't know what to do. I don't like
being a bat! Bella's mother tried to
explain to her that everything has a meaning and a purpose in life and that they were meant to be bats. Bella's friends knew right away that there was something bothering her and
asked her what was wrong.

She replied.
"I want to be more like you guys, I want to go out during the day and do the things you can do"

Her friends didn't understand,

"what do you mean?"
They asked. I wan to be able to sing
and make beautiful music like Jason! Dionne's mother was very grateful that
Dionne had a such a brave and special friend like Bella. Bella's mother was proud of her,
Bella felt very proud of herself too. On the way home, Bella's mother asked
her. "Do you still want to be different?"

Bella replied, "No, because I am Special and happy that I was meant to be a bat!" The End :) what's wrong? But bats never
get go out during the day. I want to be more like my friends. I want to able able to swim and
go under water
like Dionne. I want to be able to change into something beautiful like Betty Her Mother asked her, And Bella replied,
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