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School 50 years ago and now, comprarison

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Filip Loster

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of School 50 years ago and now, comprarison

School now and 50 years before comparison There are many differences between school now and 50 years ago. I'd like to show you some of them... Otherness is manifested primarily in the teacher-student relations, and of course the system of teaching and the technologies currently used in schools. let's take a closer look... Students-Teacher relations THEN NOW Teachers treated their students harsh and disrescpectfully, they have offten been using corporal punishment against them.

But at the other side the have been more respected among their students than they do now. Nowadays pedagogue act compleatly different. They are willing to help their pupils learn and improve knowledge. They are no more capital punishment at all, instead of that they are more indulgent which results in better school marks, and atmosphere. Dress code THEN NOW Obligatory school uniforms were common and everyone have had to wear them. There were two types, one for boys and one for girls. They were very strict and uncomfortable to wear, so many children didn't like them. Nowadays number of schools were school uniforms are obligatory decreased dramatically. In result, childrens can wear as they like to. More rarely they have to have school ties or t-shirts. Current system of education is more individualized and more modern. Educators enrich lessons through presentations, videos, etc. it makes the students more easily acquire knowledge and demonstrate increased interest in the problems raised. modern school also put on the education of young people responsible for themselves, others and the natural environment. During last years in Poland the propert education system has been changed, in place of the old system (8 grades primary school and 4 years of high school) was introduced with the new instutcion called "gimnazjum" (junior high school) Now we can see how many things has changed in schools during last 50 years. With the advances in technology modern school is more safe, interesting and more friendly to young people. The present system of teaching allows us to develop our own individual interests and talents. This is important because it allows us to better define who we really are. Currently, schools are almost dependent on modern technology, so how will the school look for the next 50 years? Is Computer completely replace the book, and students will write in tablets instead of notebooks? THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENCION!
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