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Bitcoin in Pop Culture

No description

Maremma Torrenueva

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Bitcoin in Pop Culture

Send Bitcoins Anywhere Fast
What is Bitcoin?
Decentralized Cryptocurrency
"Internet Money"
Digital Money Protocol
Public Ledger
Not like PayPal
Modeled After Gold
No Central Authority
Lower Fees
Compared to Credit Card Processors
How Does It Work?
Public Transparent Ledger aka "Block Chain"

447.99 USD - 7:13 AM Today
116.55 USD - May 19 2013
5.03 USD - May 19 2012
Digital Currency
Property Transfer
Execution of Contracts
Identity management
Digitized Car Titles House Property Titles
Only 21 Million BTC
Miners = Computers Producing BTC
25 BTC are created every 10 minutes.
PayPal is a Container for Fiat. BTC is ITS OWN Currency.
Miners Produce BTC every 10 mins By Solving a Very Complex Math Problem.
Transactions are Nearly Anonymous
Wallets are Identified Only by a String of Digits.
12.5 Million BTCs Mined So Far
Who Decides What BTC is Worth? You. Demand.
Created by Satoshi Nakamoto
Bitcoin Money Supply (M1)
US$ 5,698,604,022
source: Coinometrics
Iceland's Krona $3,562,000,000.00

96th out of 191 World Currencies
Uruguay's Peso $5,320,000,000.00
“It’s not a currency. I wouldn’t be
surprised if it wasn’t around in the next 10-20 years.”
CNBC interview
Warren Buffet on Bitcoin
"If you ask me, 'Is this a bubble in Bitcoin?' Yeah, it's a bubble."
- Alan Greenspan
Bloomberg interview
4 Dec 2013
"[Bitcoin] exhibited many of the characteristics of a speculative bubble."
- Robert Shiller,
Nobel Prize in Economics Recipient
"The historical track record of old white men crapping on new technology they don’t understand is at, I think, 100%"
Marc Andreesen,
co-inventor of Mosaic,
co-founder of Ning and Netscape
"It was a genius who set [Bitcoin] up... It may not be the perfect global currency of the future yet, but it’s the pioneer of a global currency."
- Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group
AKA Dead Pirate Roberts
Jared Polis D-CO
First Ever to Receive $1500 Worth of Bitcoin Contributions
This Just In! (2 Weeks Ago)
FEC OKs Bitcoin campaign donations!
Only 100$ in BTC, Max per donor. :-)
IRS Classifies BTC as "Capital Asset" To Be Taxed Like Stock.
- Forbes, March 2014
“I love how new technology makes our lives easier, and to me that’s exciting. Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency. They can just pay using Bitcoins!”
– Mel B

“...We don’t have to worry about Big Brother and that same infrastructure that built out Bitcoin could be used in the security industry for mass good.”
Ashton Kutcher, BitPay Investor
Mima Torrenueva

College Student Makes >$24K Holding Up This Sign on ESPN
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