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Stage 4 English - Introduction to Drama

Analise Emmerick

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Playwrights

Where does the term come from?
The word playwright comes from old English. The prefix (the word or part of a word at the beginning) 'play' refers to a dramatic form. The suffix (the word or part of a word at the end) 'wright' is an old English term for a craftsman or builder. When we add the two together, we describe a person who has crafted words and themes into a dramatic form - someone who crafts plays.
What is a Playwright?
A playwright is the person who writes a piece of creative work to be performed, ie. the script of a play.

Playwrights may also be called dramatists, and they may write dramatic works that are not necessarily intended to be performed.
What do playwrights do?
Playwrights must consider:
- Plot - what happens in the play
- Characters - who the play is about
- Dialogue - what the characters say
- Setting - where the events take place

Playwrights will not only write the dialogue, but should write stage directions to help performers know how they should say certain lines or do certain actions.
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