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The Battle of Gettysburg

Application of the 9 Principles of War

Christian Perez

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of Gettysburg

Union Offensive First Day of Battle Unity of Command Defeating the Union..? Economy of Force 2nd Day of Battle: Surprise 3rd Day of Battle: Summation Offensive of the Confederate Army sets them up for potential victory. Confederates The Battle of Gettysburg In the spectrum of the Principles of War Union organized in defensive positions at Herr Ridge
Maj. Gen. Henry Heth approaches from West
Engages the Enemy
Pushes Union cavalry from Herr Rodge to McPherson Ridge Union forces continue losing men
Gen. Howard orders retreat to Cemetary Hill
Gen. Lee orders that the hill be taken "if practicable"
Lt. Gen. Ewell disagrees Union forces span Western flank
Col. Strong Vincent holds Little Round Top
Has 4 small regiments at his disposal
Resists multiple assaults by Confederates Gen. Lee wants to renew attack
Union delivers massive artillery fire before Confederates are prepared
Confederates move in by foot
Massive Union Artillery fire is delivered from Cemetery Hill and Little Round Top
Commander at Union Center holds artillery fire
Upon Confederate approach, delivers unexpected artillery fire This decision to hold fire and surprise the enemy results in.... DRAMATIC BLOW TO CONFEDERATE ARMY Absence of Unity of Command in Confederate Forces results in the loss of tactical grounds which later play a key role in their defeat. Economy of Force by the Union enables them to take tactical terrain. Surprise attacks by the Union Army result in their Victory.
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