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Nicole Snow

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of RTI

Small group instruction 20-30 minutes 3-4x's a week
Three Common Problems
Who does it?
Reading Interventionists
You (YIKES!)
When is there time to do it?
Computer Lab
Small Group
Don't reinvent the wheel!
Pick a Specific Area of Focus using...
Make a Plan!
What teaching strategies will you use?

What measurable strategy will you use for documentation?

What accommodations can you use to rebuild the missing step?

(think of it as a 3-prong approach)
Teaching Strategies
You ALREADY use a variety of teaching strategies in small group, just focus it on student's skill deficit.
Need ideas?
Measurable Strategies for Documentation
Pick MEASURABLE interventions that will be used as baseline data and given weekly to track growth. (picking 2 is a good start - one online and the other on paper)

Document a graded weekly task to show generalization.
(weekly reading test or weekly math test)
Prepare Progress-Monitoring Worksheet
Graph Results
Organize, Organize, Organize!
Implement Interventions for 9 weeks
Document, Document, Document!
Beginning of the year pre-assessment
Informal Assessment
Helpful Checklist
Break it Down
Things to Remember

Pupil Appraisal will evaluate child for specific learning disabilities
The child will only qualify for SLD in the areas they were given interventions in...
For example, let’s say a child is weak and struggling in all academic areas. They are seeing the reading interventionist for intensive DIBELS intervention. After PA tests the child, significant weaknesses are determined in basic reading, reading fluency, math problem solving, and numerical operations. Because they did not receive interventions in math, we will be unable to classify them as SLD in those categories.
There are several options for charting your data. An easy option is ChartDog found at the website mentioned previously, www.interventioncentral.org.
Tier 3
This is more intensive instruction given by a specialist with customized interventions.

Tier 2
Tier 1
What you do everyday!
Click here!
Log on to this website!
Go to the tab "My Phase" and click on the pencil to edit the data.
Rename "My Phase" "Intervention" and insert the start and end date of your interventions.
(9 weeks)
Click the pencil icon in the "Series 1" box and rename the box one of your interventions.
Once "Series 1" is renamed, click the "Create New Entry" icon to insert your first weeks data for that intervention.
Insert the score and date for the first weeks worth of data for that intervention.
You'll see this
You'll think this
Start by titling your chart
Click here
This will pop up
Change this to student's name
Make X Axis Title "Date"
Change this to the word "Date"
Make Y Axis Title "Score"
Change this to the word "score"
Here's what it'll look like now
Next on the agenda is to clearly label and show data for the interventions.
This will pop up
rename this "Intervention"
make this the start date of the interventions
make this the end date of the interventions
Here's what it will look like now
The black line next to the word "Intervention" represents when the intervention began. ChartDog does allow you to add baseline data to show student scores before intervention, but I'll get into that later. ;)
Now we input specific intervention data
Each one of these different colored Series Boxes will represent a different intervention
This is what it will look like when you click the "Create New Entry" icon...
Continue to input scores for each week
Each of the scores will be plotted automatically on the chart
Do the same thing you did here...
...over here to input data for your other intervention
Now your graph will reflect both interventions!
first intervention
second intervention
Continue this until all measurable interventions have been graphed
Want to set a goal line? It's easy and clearly marks achievement levels.
Click here
Then you'll see this
Click here!
This will pop up
Name = "Goal"
Value = Score you've set as a goal
Click save
Now you have a goal line!
You can include detailed data analysis, also!
This is what trend lines look like on the graph
You can see the second intervention is showing progress while the first intervention is not.
progress monitoring should be occurring 2-3 times a week
9 weeks
pretest, intervention, posttest
keep any notes you make during the intervention
keep printouts/scored documents over the course of the intervention
You now have this!
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