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PDF and EPS File Support

No description

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of PDF and EPS File Support

You can import a file using either [File] -[Import]-[Import to the Stage] or [File]-[Import]-[Import to Library]. Either the option will ope the Import dialog box. Select the PDF or EPS file to Import and click OK.
B. Convert Layers To:
The Convert Layers options allow you to specify how each layer will be imported: Layers, Keyframes or Flatten.
C. Which Pages to Import
Selecting [All] will import all pages. You can also specify the page numbers to import.
D. Options
Include invisible layers. All hidden layers will be imported.
Maintain text blocks. Text blocks will be preserved after importing.
Rasterize everything: When this option is checked, the imported text will be rasterized (i.e. converted into bitmaps). You will be able to select resolution/.
A. Convert Pages To:
This options allow you to determine either which page will be imported into a separate scene or into a separate keyframe.
PDF and EPS File support
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