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Peasants of Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan

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Rachel L Bunn

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Peasants of Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan

Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan
Who are they?
Black Death
* Killed an estimated 1.5 million out of 4 million people just in Britain.
* During 1348 through to 1351
* Bubonic Plague = Black Death
* Impact on Medieval England Social Structure
* Quote by Boccaccio
* Huge Impact on Society
Feudal Japan
* Below samurai's on the social ladder.
* Produced food that other classes depended upon
* They were considered an honorable class; however lived under a high tax rate.
* Reign of Third Tokugawa Shogun

Medieval Europe
* worked in a single manor and the status of being a serf was passed on father to son.
* Peasants would pay the lord in return for using the lords land, protection, diseases, and poverty
* Work for the same land even if the lords changed
* Contains partial freedom and a lot of slavery

Serfs and Peasants
Daily Life
Medieval Europe
Feudal Japan
*Harsh Life
*Certain Jobs at Certain Times
* Quote by Jean Froissart
* Tax and Tithe
* Huge Tithe Barns
* Feudal Japan as peasants was quite a hard life
*They provided food especially rice.
*They live in small villages
* just spend days farming
*wear one piece sacks of clothing almost like
Serf hood is hereditary
* Has Honor
* Not Bottom Class
* Ate Mostly Fishes, vegetables and rice, bread
* Gave Meal to Shogun
*Bathed Frequently
* Extra Clothing

Feudal Japan
* Access to Medicine
* Clothing is made out of cotton

Medieval Europe
* Had No honor
* Bottom Class
* Ate mostly
* Gave meals to church
* Did not bathe frequently
* No Extra Clothing
Our Artifact
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