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Curriculum design Output

working with the ERK

Stephanie Edwards

on 31 July 2017

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Transcript of Curriculum design Output

Planning an activity
What do you think of first?
The productive skills...
Examples of can do statements AI
...and speaking

I can give basic information about my family.
I can give a simple description of a place.
I can talk about general abilities.
I can say what I like/don’t like.
I can say how often I do something.
I can give a short description of a past experience.
I can give a simple summary of a news event.
I can talk about immediate and long-term plans.
how to make a language task
1.Looking at which vocabulary items you will be teaching in that lesson?
2. Looking at which skills you will be using (speaking, writing etc)?
3. Looking at what the chapter in your course book is going to cover?
4. Looking at how you will work with one of the “can do statements” in the CEFR?
5. Looking at which grammatical structures you want the students to acquire?
6. Looking at how you can get the students to make a product by the end of thelesson?
7. Discussing what the students should be able to do by the end of the class/or the end of the series.
8. Any other items ....
How do we put Westhoff's penta pie into action?
For Writing

I can write a simple personal profile.
I can write a simple email about my holiday.
I can write a description of my favourite shop or market.
I can write a description of my favourite place for a holiday.
I can write a letter to a friend.
I can write a request note.
I can write a formal email to a hotel asking for information.
I can write a paragraph about a past experience.
Language tasks
How do you use the language task format?

What is the difference between a goal and an activity
a goal is a destination - it's what you want to achieve
an activity is how you get there
Goal - I want my pupils to be able to...

Test - how can they show this..
... design a good rubric

Look at the "can do" statements for A1 and A2
Choose one for speaking and one for writing
Think of a final product that would make the pupil generate the language for this "can do"statement
Fill in the form for the language task
First of all, What is your goal?

What do you want your students to be able to do at the end of the lesson?
read the list and put these in order of importance
When planning an activity for a class that you are going to teach what do you start off with?

you have several tools to help you...
First of all, the "penta pie"
this time, we are focussing on output
...and the CEFR and the 'can do " statements
You also need to be able to check if your goals have been reached

so make sure your goals are clear..

for example.:

.I want my students to be able to....

write an email asking for information
tell about their last holiday

your activity should lead them to this goal
...and the way you test this should mirror your goals
download this from the site and fill it in for a speaking activity
Why use TBL?
this should be familiar
and finally....
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