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Sea Lions

No description

taya cole

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Sea Lions

Sea Lions Physical Characteristics Sea lions have strong front flippers for swimming. A sea lion has rear flippers that can flip forward to walk on land. Diet A sea lion's diet consists of squid,octopus,herring,cod,greenling and flounder. Weight Northern sea lions can weigh up to 2000 lbs. California sea lions weigh around 550lbs. Color When a sea lion's fur gets wet it is almost black. You can tell males from females by the color of their fur. Males are dark brown , females are lighter than the males. Seal or Sea Lion A sea lion has small ears on the side of its head and a seal has little holes for ears. A sea lion walks on its flippers and a seal slides on its stomach. Interesting Facts Another name for sea lions is sea dogs because they bark and growl like a dog. A sea lion's fur grows so close together that the water can't get to their skin. If a sea lion gets too hot in the summer they can wave their fippers in the air to cool down. Bibliography Shawver,Mark. Nature's Children Sea Lions pages 11,23,8,24,35 http://www.exzooberance.com/virtual%20zoo/they%20swim/california%20sea%20lion/Sea%20Lion%20471010.jpg

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