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How to Play Tictactics

No description

Spes Student

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of How to Play Tictactics

How to Play Tic Tactics
What is it?
Tic Tactics is is basically 9 Tic-Tac Toe boards put together to make one big game.
Even with the 9 boards, Tic Tactics is still a 2 payer game.
How to play?
Wherever you move in any of the individual tic-tac toe Boards is where your opponent is forced to move in that box in the combined board.
How to win?
to win, you have to have three x's or o's in an individual board in row and then three tic-tac toes in a row in the combined board.
if your opponent moves is making a move in the middle box of the combined game and makes a move in the middle box of that box, your opponent has forced you to move in the middle box of the combined game.
One more move?
If there is a completely dominated individual board and your opponent sends you to that board, then you are allowed to make a move an any open spaces on the big board
Describing the game
if either an X or an O gets a tic-tac toe in and individual box then it turns the color that your playing as
X's and o's are classified using different

X's are red

O's are green
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