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SMN COSLA Presentation

No description

Sarah Barr

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of SMN COSLA Presentation

Key elements
Working Group
Pilot with range of organisations
Feedback & Amendments

Working Group & Pilot
Roll Out to members
Available online to all SMN members
Full support throughout application
Relates to our Good Practice Guide
Evaluation Framework
Impact Measurement
Stories of Change
What difference do you make

Project Recognition
Recognition for current good practice
Certificate & Logo for promotional purposes
3 years accreditation

Project Development
An independent 'health check' of current practice.
QA Links to our Good Practice Guide
Development plan for the programme identified.
All project elements detailed in one place.
Project Promotion
• Formal certification resulting in increased credibility for the project with policy makers and funding bodies.

• Increased confidence in the project from: referrers, potential mentors & mentees.

Final Report
Quality Award Website
Quality Practice Indicator 1.
Matching Purpose with Performance
Quality Practice Indicator 2.
Managing Resources & Accountability
Quality Practice Indicator 3.
Putting the client (mentee) first
Quality Practice Indicator 4.
Providing committed mentors
Quality Practice Indicator 5.
Employing Skilled Staff
Quality Practice Indicator 6.
Active Safeguarding
An effective mentoring project is always seeking to improve its performance and the quality of its service. The project’s assessment of the impact and outcomes of its work will inform its planning processes and will directly influence its future direction.
An effective mentoring project has the resources required to deliver its service at the level expected by its stakeholders and complies with all its legal, financial and safety responsibilities. Management accountability is clearly defined for all the project’s operations and there is a process to provide accurate and timely information to its stakeholders
An effective mentoring project ensures that it fully understands the circumstances and specific needs of its
s and delivers a service which is geared to serving their best interests and supporting their individual progress.
An effective mentoring project recruits, selects and trains mentors who have the commitment and attributes needed to work productively with the clients through to the completion of the mentoring relationship.
An effective mentoring project employs staff who have the relevant skills and knowledge to support both mentees and mentors and consistently operates at a level which meets the expectations of all its stakeholders.
An effective mentoring project takes all practical steps to ensure the safety and personal protection of its mentees and mentors and to minimise any risks involved in the delivery of its service.
Quality Standard
Networking Opportunities
Project Advice & Guidance
Strategic Informing & Influencing Policy
Training Options
Regional Networks

Edinburgh & Lothians
Fife & Tayside
Greater Glasgow
Thematic Networks
Care Experienced
Health & Disability
Professional Practice in Mentoring
SCQF Level 7
Mentor Training Guidance for Coordinators
2 day training course supplying a template mentor training pack
CAPMS :Customised Award in Peer Mentoring & Support

SQA Accredited Personal Development Award
Professional Certificate
in Coordinating Mentoring
SCQF Level 9
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