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SMN COSLA Presentation

No description

Sarah Barr

on 5 March 2018

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Transcript of SMN COSLA Presentation

Quality Standard
Networking Opportunities
Project Advice & Guidance
Strategic Informing & Influencing Policy
Training Options
Regional Networks

Edinburgh & Lothians
Fife & Tayside
Greater Glasgow
Thematic Networks
Care Experienced
Health & Disability
Professional Practice in Mentoring
SCQF Level 7
Mentor Training Guidance for Coordinators
2 day training course supplying a template mentor training pack
CAPMS :Customised Award in Peer Mentoring & Support

SQA Accredited Personal Development Award
Professional Certificate
in Coordinating Mentoring
SCQF Level 9
Project Recognition
Recognition for current good practice
Certificate & Logo for promotional purposes
3 years accreditation

Project Development
An independent 'health check' of current practice.
QA Links to our Good Practice Guide
Development plan for the programme identified.
All project elements detailed in one place.
Project Promotion
• Formal certification resulting in increased credibility for the project with policy makers and funding bodies.

• Increased confidence in the project from: referrers, potential mentors & mentees.

Evaluation Framework
Impact Measurement
Stories of Change
What difference do you make
Building Unrestricted Reserves: Intermediary Perspective
SMN Reserves Policy
Up to 6 months
2008 virtually none
Taken 9 years
Short term targets 1 month then 3
Integrated into financial strategy
Justify reserves level
Challenges or Opportunities
Fixed Level of Grant Impact
Premises rent or upkeep
Sector Growth
Specifically prohibited to use for
Alternatives Sources
Trusts/ Foundations
Local Authorities
Other Scottish Government Departments
Earned Income
Balance needed V Membership
Services Charged
Membership Fees
Project Quality Award
Services Not Charged
Evaluation Framework
Advice and Guidance
Annual Conference and Networking meetings.
Annual Recognition Awards
Good Practice Guide
Access to Resources
Impact on Reserves
Income less than Expenditure
= Reduction in Reserves
This year and next SMN reserves will subsidise our work
Cannot continue so options are Increase costs to members and/or reduce services /staffing
Greater recognition of success of mentoring and more funding of projects but NOT SMN
Impact Forum/ Research
Mainstream mentoring
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