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Ab-In-Den-Urlaub - Nur ein Klick zur Abzockerei!!! Where holiday booking becomes a nightmare

One click and you are screwed - Ab-In-Den-Urlaub Travel24 Unister Urlaubtours

Daryl Ward

on 22 December 2012

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Transcript of Ab-In-Den-Urlaub - Nur ein Klick zur Abzockerei!!! Where holiday booking becomes a nightmare

Nur ein Klick zur Abzockerei!!!!

One Click and you're screwed Ab-In-Den-Urlaub.de
Travel 24.com
Hotelreservierung.de travel24deals.co.uk Das ist meine Familie
This is my family Wir wohnen mit zwei kleinen Kindern in München...

We live in Munich andhave two young toddlers Wir lieben Urlaub
We love our Holidays Nachstes Jahr wollen wir nach Ägypten;
Tagesflug, sicheres Hotel, gutes Essen, Strand,
Kinderbetreuung usw...

Next year we wanted to visit Egypt...
With a 1 year old and a 4 year old
We also wanted a NICE, SAFE HOTEL
Great food, Kids entertainment
Good weather and a nice beach. Online haben wir mehreren
Anbieter gefunden...

We looked online...
And found many different companies... Es stellt sich heraus - viele gehören zum gleichen Unternehmen

But it turns out in the end...after we had booked...
Many are the same!!

Gruppe:oup own
ab-in-den-urlaub.de, hotelreservierung.com
travel24.com, travel24deals.com, flights24.com,
urlaubstours.com, flights24.co.uk, We received a strange confirmation after booking with ab-in-den-urlaub from travel24.com

We called within SECONDS - to try and cancel the booking as we had used an ab-in-den-urlaub gutschein. It turns out Ab-In-Den-Urlaub with each search open up extra windows from their partner companies!!!

The agent confirmed that the flights WITH CONDOR - DURING THE DAY had already been booked... We have now engaged a lawyer to cancel or re.book the holiday. Come on Unister - sort this out!!! TO BE CONTINUED.....
Check out our videos... Unister Group
ACHTUNG!! Now also in the UK!!! We complained and were told we can cancel and pay over 1200€
We are then offered flights at times we chose if we pay an additional 1400€. We wrote a letter to Thomas Gudel CEO of Travel 24 and got no reply... Which parents would book
these flights for children aged
4 and 1. We certainly didn't I like staying up late but this is not funny

Ich will endlich schlafen... Eine Woche später... ONE WEEK LATER.....
Eine Bestätigung mit NACHTFLUG!!! This confirmation arrived.
Different flights - not during the day as confirmed the
week before both online and on the telephone... GEBUCHT!!

gewünchten Tagesflug
Day flights as required
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