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02.07 Social Change Assignment

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Julio Olvera

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of 02.07 Social Change Assignment

What is the purpose of the organization for which you volunteer?
The purpose of our organization would be to help support the homeless by having a place where they can come and feel comfortable while they are being well taken care for.
What duties do you perform to aid the organization?
I help make and package the food we supply for the homeless. Also I there for moral support.
What rewards do you receive from your volunteer work?
I receive overwhelming gratitude from the work I do to impact so many peoples lives. I also receive respect for myself as I know if I were in need for help I had people there to support me.
Why is such an organization needed in your community?
Our organization is needed in this community because the number of homeless people have not decreased in the last year, so if wee can make an impact in that number I will feel i served my community well.
Thank you!
What are your reasons for volunteering?
I volunteer mostly to support the homeless so that they are well taken care of and that they know were here to help them through tough times.

How long have you been volunteering? How long will you continue to volunteer?
I have been volunteering for about four years going on five when i can , but I feel so thankful i did. I plan on continuing to volunteer when I can because Its a great feeling to help others in dark times.
02.07 Social Change Assignment
Volunteer : Alisa Jones
What challenges are faced by volunteers in your organization?
The one challenge that impacts all the volunteers is making the free time to come out and help the less fortunate because our daily lives can become very occupied.
What has volunteer work helped you learn about yourself?
I learn so much about myself through volunteering. I learned that I love giving back to people in need for they have no one to go to, which makes me feel like I have done something in my life that impacted others.
What have you done that you feel has significantly touched the life of another person?
This one man came to our facility for a meal and when he came up to me I handed his meal to him but he grabbed my arm asking for two more meals to take home to his daughter and son. Normally we don't give out meals if the people aren't present but I gave him two more meals and you could see the gratitude in his eyes as he said God bless and took off his own way.
How has volunteering changed your aspect on life ?
Volunteering has changed my aspect on life by making me aware of all the troubles the less fortunate have to experience and how i can make a difference through even one person.
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