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03.02 Group Names and Properties Assignment


Antonia Poate

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of 03.02 Group Names and Properties Assignment

Beryllium & it's properties Beryllium Symbol: Be Group 2
Period 2 More Properties: More Properties: Resources: The name beryllium comes from the mineral beryl.
Discovered in 1798 by Fredrich Wohler Atomic Number: 4
Atomic Mass: 9.01 Alkaline Earth Metal Valence Electrons: 2
Electron Configuration: 1s2 2s2 Structure: Hexagonal
Melting Point: 1278.08C
Boiling Point: 2970.0C
Density: at 293K= 1.8477 g/cm3
Obtained from: beryl, chrysoberyl Color: Gray
Number of Energy Levels: 2
Good conductor of heat and electricity
School Chemistry Book
Periodic Table Used for spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft
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