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No description

Nicole Gong

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing

Consumer Market Analysis Product 3D printing photo booth Market How it works? time capoffical website
offline store Scanning Modeling adjustment 3D printing Make your choice Location Competitive advantage Promotion Newly Launch Get it in 2-8 weeks!
Free delivery! Advertising ·Magazines ·MTR ·TVB Series Reservation Public Relationship 2D form photo
Product differentiation:
3D technique photography; materials objects
Eye-catching, high-end, memorable ·Launch Conference · Articles · Campaign · acebook Page photographic studio Polymer clay figurines gift shop To Raise Awareness Location: on-line store in Taobao.com

Market: focus on mainland market
Channel differentiation: Focus on Hong Kong market
service: upload the photo
Services differentiation: Live experience in physical store

product: hand-made polymar clay figures
Product differentiation: High-degree simulation

image: folk arts and crafts
Image differentiation: High-end Two Years To Boost Sales Sales Promotion · Valentine's Day · Mother's Day · Christmas Advertising Tramway Public Relationship · Joint Universities Marketing Competition · Social Responsibility: Time Capsule Project Direct Marketing Email competitive advantage competitive advantage Basic Concept of 3D Printing Benefiting Industry A leading global provider Industry Analysis SWOT Analysis Objectives In one year
1. Raise consumer awareness by 10%.

Long term
1. Increase market share in the consumer market by 5%. Segmentation &Targeting Children/
Graduates Lovers brides and grooms Couples
eg. Anniversary
Golden Wedding Psychographic: Personality

Psychographic: Social class middle class, upper class open minded,
love to try new things Targeting Strategy Company marketing mix Undifferentiated Marketing: Positioning Strategy art shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui Innovative, dynamic for youngsters Customer Value-Based Pricing Capture the heart of customers Behavioral: Special ocassion Anyone
...... Competitive advantage Channel:
online store in Taobao.com; mainly focus on mainland market
Upload one photo, hand-made; may be low accuracy
delivery from mainland to Hong Kong; high freight
Simple online customer service; one to many
folk art, craft art Basic information our service by Aim: consumer market
a first stop at Hong Kong of world wide chain stores Brand image: high-end, loving, innovative using 3D printing technology to replicate a smaller version of YOU our brand "3D this moment" Channel differentiation:

Product differentiation:

Services differentiation:

People differentiation:

Image differentiation: Physical store in Hong Kong downtown; focus on Hong Kong market Delivery within Hong Kong, free freight Professional customer service executive on spot; one to one 3D Scanning and 3D printing; high accuracy High-end, loving, innovative Location 10-20 minutes
3D scanner: 360 degree scanning
send the measurements to computer about 10 hours
related to size our store Positioning Map Positioning Statement To people who desire to freezing the memorable moments in their life,

3D Time Capsule is an 3D photo booth that produce your best figurines with advanced 3D printing technique,

and provides a more caring and professional services than any other competitive services.

With 3D Time Capsule, your memorable moments would be frozen into eternity. http://www.facebook.com/3dTimeCapsule 3D ask our specialists to adjust the 3d modeling Final look vivid expression realistic drapery full-range color fine details survey within Hong Kong consumers
3 different set of pricing over 3 sizes
discount for two/package Source: www.ibisworld.com Source: Tom Ashley of Pivotal Resources US
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