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Madonna Louise Ciccone

No description

Brianna Steving

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Madonna Louise Ciccone

Is Madonna still alive today?
Madonna is still alive today, she is about 55 years old.
What year was Madonna inducted and who was in her class?
Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the 2008 induction ceremony. Some of the people also inducted in 2008 were The Dave Clark Five, John Mellencamp, and The Ventures.
Where is Madonna from?
Madonna was born in Bay City Michigan, but she grew up in Pontiac Michigan.
What is Madonna known for?
Madonna is known for her constant reinvention as a performer.
What song or albums is Madonna famous for?
Madonna is famous for the songs Holiday, Borderline, and Material Girl. Madonna is famous for the albums Ray of light, Like a Prayer, and Confessions on the Dance Floor.
How would Madonna's music be Categorized?
Madonna's music would be categorized into the Pop category.
When did Madonna start her singing career
Madonna started her singing career in 1981. She was about 22 years old.
By: Brianna Steving
Three examples of why i think Madonna should be in the Rock Hall.
I think Madonna should be in the Rock Hall is because she is one of the top selling female artists of all time, she had a lot of her albums got certified diamond by the RIAA, and a lot of her music won Billboard Music Awards.
Some examples of Madonna's music.
Some examples of Madonna's music are Angel, Material Girl, and Borderline.
Who is my artist?
My artist is Madonna Louise Ciccone.
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