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Halo- Beyonce Lyric Interpretation

No description

Ruhaama Mahmood

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Halo- Beyonce Lyric Interpretation

Halo- Beyonce Lyric Interpretation
Video Clips behind our meaning
BY: Amelia Blakely and Ruhaama Mahmood
This song is not just for listening, it is awarded for its incredible poetic meaning and benevolent interpretations about love.
This song is a metaphor of a woman who got her heart crushed in a previous relationship. She built walls around herself to protect herself from falling in love again. But she met a man who broke her walls, and builds trust and confidence in her through him, regardless of how she much she tries to fight against it.
She never spoke her words out loud; her pride wouldn't allow her to muster the words of fear of getting hurt again. But "it hit her like a ray of sun" as she realized that her "halo man" is the one she wants and everything she needs and more. She is addicted to his light, and she her eyes were awakened to true, respectful love.
Through this she is taking a tremendous risk by giving love a second chance. She doesn't want to shut him out because she knows how that feels on the other end. She claimed that she would never fall in love again. But with this man, she said it doesn't even feel like falling. She admits that while standing in the light of his halo, that she finally got her angel, or saving grace ( the man).
Song's Overall Meaning
This song refers to a woman that was scorned by love. She built up walls to protect her heart from being hurt again.
A man (hence," saving grace, guy with halo") came along and treated her with respect, dignity, and showed her what
her strengths were. he showed that she faith in her as a person. She fell in love with him before she realized what had happened. The risk she is talking about taking is the risk of giving "that perfect man" all her trust.

- The first half of the stanza, ( lines 1-2), the song uses metaphor as a girl has built a protective wall around her self, their isn't a physical wall that tumbled down, it was her metaphoric gesture of protecting herself from falling in love again.

- The second half of the stanza, (lines 3-4), the song uses personification through the walls having the ability to attain human characteristics, through the wall making sounds and the wall putting up a fight. Therefore, her song lyrics give deeper perspective of the "protected wall" that is around her.
"Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You're the only one that I want
Think I'm addicted to your light" (stanza 2)
Examples of Figurative Language
"Remember those walls I built, well baby their tumbling down, they didn't even put up a fight, they didn't even make a sound" ( stanza 1)

Through this video clip we see
that she is looking into her love's
eyes. She is falling for him. In this
clip we see her using the imagery
of her wall destructing and she is
embracing her TRUE love. She is realizing that
the risk that she is taking is everything that
will make her happy
Through this clip we see her acknowledging her love
She is embracing every moment with him through
his "halo". In this clip we see the theme of the story
that is represented in this poem. She is in her total
focus on her love for this man who is her "saving grace."

In this clip we see her emerge from the water.
This is such a powerful clip that suggests the
audience of how strong her halo has become.
In this clip we see her imagery to motivate her
standpoint in this love she has embraced. She is
submerged underwater to represent her halo surrounding her and giving her a "saving grace".
Overall Evaluation
Halo is a fantastic poem and a beautiful song that has many meanings and interpretations behind it. The main theme or moral is about a women who is learning to trust the objective of love again, and to embrace the love she has through breaking her morals from her breakup. Beyonce displayed figurative language such as metaphors, personification, and imagery throughout the song to signify her meaning of the song. Overall Halo is a very heartfelt piece that many people can relate to through the meaning enhancing the interpretation of the song. The video correlates perfectly with the story of love and trust through her clips of a man with "halo" and "saving grace".
-In this stanza it is a simile of how the sunlight directly hit her. This simile represents the light or how "love" hit her. The ray of sun refers to the good/bright spots in her life. The next lines say how she is addicted to the light. This is a form of a metaphor symbolizing how her love is something she can get rid of; she is addicted to her love of her life - her "halo" man.
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