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The Riddle of Penncroft Farm

No description

Lizzy Duke-Moe

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of The Riddle of Penncroft Farm

The Riddle
Penncroft Farm

Venn Diagram
Main Characters
Lars- Lars looks like he has dusty blonde hair and blue eyes. Lars's relationship to Aunt Cass, his mother, and father and Geordie and Pat is that they are all family. His relationship with Eddie is they are only friends and enemies. Lars is described as lazy when he doesn't want to learn about new history in Pennsylvania . He also is spirited and selfless, in trying to find the will. One quote that Lars said on page thirty-eight, "That's all I need. My only neighbor is a girl!" At first Lars doesn't think girls are capable of doing outdoorsy stuff, which says he is a little judgemental. Another quote on page forty-six is, "The whole barn? All by myself?" that quote says he's kind of lazy and doesn't like work.

If I was a character in the book
the Riddle of Penncroft farm
I would be Lars. Why I would like to be Lars is because he gets to go on adventures and meets Geordie. Lars is lucky he gets to go to Penncroft farm, he gets to see many exciting things and history. The downside is that he moves away from his friends and school. Lars also gets to meet new people and learn what it was like living in the time of the Revolutionary War. If I got to be a character in
the Riddle of Penncroft farm,
I would be Lars, because he gets to go on adventures, learn history, and meet new people.

By: Dorothea Jensen

PowerPoint by: Lizzy Duke-Moe

Summary of the Book
Dosen't like
Has one sibling
Both like adventure
Myself (Lizzy)
Dosen't have a brother
Has a sister
Lives 2014
Lars (Main)
Has a brother
Dosen't have
Lived in 1900s
Geordie- Geordie has a white shirt with billowy sleeves and pants that ended at his knees, long white socks, and black shoes with big buckles. He also has a three-cornered hat. Geordie's relationship between Lars and Pat is they are friends and related. Geordie is described as strange at first when Lars doesn't know he is a shade (ghost). Geordie was alive back with the Revolutionary War, and haunts the barn of Penncroft farm. A quote on page one hundred and twenty-eight is, "Lars, you sapskull, you witling, you great booby!" Which tells that Geordie is definetly from the past. Another quote is on page two hundred and thirty-three, "Don't fret, Lars. You'll find that you truly don't need me around anymore." that quote says that Geordie cared about Lars and had told all his stories and was ready to leave.
The setting for the book the
Riddle of Penncroft Farm
is Penncroft farm, in the 1900s. The time is mostly summer. A quote that describes Penncroft farm is, "Even by moonlight I could tell that it was different from any house I'd ever seen. It looked as if someone hadn't been able to decide what sort of house he wanted, so he'd hooked several kinds together. There were dark, bumpy stones on the middle part, but the left section was shingled like our old Minnesota house; the right was covered with white stuff." This quote is a similie, because it uses the words as and like.
Text-to-text: This story is related to another
story called
My side of the mountain,
it is
about a young boy who moves to his family's farm and has to learn to make new friends and
protect his family's land.
Text-to-world: This story relates to the
world, because the war actually happened in the world and it affected many people.
Text-to-self: I relate to this story, because I
have had to make changes for my family to stay
happy and healthy.
The Conflict in
the Riddle of Penncroft Farm
is when Edward Owens the ninth wants to take the farm, so Lars and Pat have to find Aunt Cass's will to see who she left the farm to. This conflict is Man vs. Man, because it's Lars's family against Eddie's family. The conflict is also external, because its Man vs. Man. More than one conflict could be taking place. One is the Revolutionary War, another is Lars against Eddie, and at first Lars against Pat.
Biography of Dorothea Jenson
Dorothea Jenson is the author of
the Riddle of
Penncroft Farm.
She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in Chillichothe, Illinois. Her hobbies are singing and being an actress. She has been in some plays and sung for operas! She was first inspired, because she was a Jane Austen fan and decided to write a better story. That led to writing three romantic novels with her friend, Catherine Allen. She loves to write for people and make history fun and entertaining.
The Riddle of Penncroft Farm
, written by Dorothea
Jensen was a four-star rating. A reason I liked this book is because the setting was the 1900s. This book also made history fun and exciting when Geordie (the ghost or "shade") came into the book and told stories of the Revolutionary War. This book also showed the major differences of back then and now. Another reason I enjoyed this book is because it was based on a fictional family, on a fictional farm, telling a non-fictional story of the Revolutionary War. My last reason I liked it, because it explained history, while making it silly and real. This book is a four-star rating and is very good if you like ghosts, history, and mystery.
Main Character
Beginning Middle End
1. Lars G. Olafson moves to his Aunt's farm to live in Pennsylvania. His mother in the car says that the farm is haunted.

2. As they pull up the driveway Lars thinks he sees someone waving at him. His mother says its probaly just a shade.

3. Lars get into a wagon and pulls the lever and goes rocketing down the hill. Just as hes about to crash a hand (not his) reaches out and stops the wagon.

4. Lars goes to school and meets a bully named Eddie and as he is walking home he meets a kid who is dressed for halloween and then all of the sudden he dissaperes.

5. Lars finds out Geordie is a ghost
or "shade" who lived in the Revoloutionary time.

6. Aunt Cass hosts a Hawlloween party
and has an heart attack and dies.

7. Geordie tells Lars a story about when he was with his family and the war was going on,

8. Edward Owens the
eleventh comes by Penncroft farm and says that in Auntc Cass's old will the farm was left to him.

9. Lars and Pat go horse back-riding and figure out where the will is and find it. They then see what Eddie's ancestor really did.

10. Geordie says goodbye to Lars and Lars and Pat have Colionel day at school.
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