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Maxine Hong Kingston

No description

Sara Conley

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Maxine Hong Kingston

Chinese-American Author Maxine No name Woman Continued. Collective Culture Questions....? Comments...? Born in 1940 in
Stockton, CA.
during WWII short story by Maxine Hong Kingston Invisible Aunt Committed suicide with the child Discussion Maxine Hong Kingston Spoke Cantonese Immigrant culture Storytelling Myths, Ancestors Narrator recalls a story told to her by her mother when she was young. the woman's aunt Warning, beginning of womanhood pregnancy: Humiliating
family Took place during the gold
rush "The Gold Mountain." "You wouldn't like to be forgotten as if you had never been born." "Adultery is extravagance" women's society Men are married
so they return Pregnant years after
husband last returned Easier to relate "The real punishment was not the raid
swiftly inflicted by the villagers, but the
family's deliberately forgetting her." "Adultery, perhaps only a mistake during good times, became a crime when the village needed food." "Mothers who love their children take them along. It was probably a girl; there is some hope of forgiveness for boys." "My aunt haunts me-her ghost drawn to me because now, after fifty years of neglect, I alone devote pages of paper to her..."
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