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WOW unit 2

Presenter: Belinda Viljoen

Marissa Grobbelaar

on 27 July 2011

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Transcript of WOW unit 2

WOW World of Work Unit 2
Educational Knowledge Presenter: Ms. B. Viljoen Goal:
What do I need to continue my journey? At the end of this unit you will:
be informed about the importance of furthering your education;
be able to link your subjects to learning fields (and possible careers);
understand the system (types of institutions and programmes offered); and
know how to find information about institutions and programmes offered. Why do you think it is
important to further your
studies after high school? To study or not to study? Hmmm.... Earnings
Expand mind
Acquire skills
Economic & social impact
Higher quality of life (relieve poverty)
Good health Where to study? University FET Private traditional
technology University Further development of your map Important a National Senior Certificate doesn't
mean that you automatically get access
to higher education institutions. the subjects you have chosen for Grades 10 - 12;
how well you excel in those subjects;
your overall performance in the National Senior Certificate; and
the entry requirements of your chosen higher education institution and chosen programme. 11 universities 6 comprehensive universities 5 universities o f technology 2 national institutions of higher education University: These are “traditional” academic universities that offer mainly degrees, have high numbers of postgraduate students and conduct a lot of research. Comprehensive university: These are new institutions that, in most cases, combine a traditional university and a university of technology. University of technology: These were formerly known as “technikons”. They offer certificates, diplomas or degrees in technology. They do some research and lead students more directly into a career. Map 3 Educational Knowledge Further development of your map public FET College vocational education ongoing education up to NQF4 (= grade 12) accepts students who are in possession of a NQF1 certificate OR Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET) level 4 (=grade 9) Example of University
FET College Check!
Check! Accreditation Learning falls within policy guidelines of Umalusi & Department of Higher Education and Training How? Public vs Private
012 312 5911 Map 3 and FET college Further Development of YOUR map Degree? Where to study? Duration? Registration? Application? Tracking my progress Questions ? ? ? Please remember to complete the evaluation form } } } How to find information Map 3 Further Development of YOUR map Map 3 Destination: Education University College YOUR WAY MY WAY
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