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Climate Change

No description

Michael Simon

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of Climate Change

Climate Change Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here? After decades of debate... the evidence linking human activity to global warming is now too compelling to ignore. The culprit? Greenhouse Gases are produced on a massive scale around the world: just one North American generates 23 tons of CO2 annually. At current emission rates, global temperatures are expected to rise 4°C (7°F) in the next 40 years. BY THE NUMBERS the year of the first ice-free summer in the Arctic, according to some estimates 18 the warmest years on record that have occurred in the past 20 years The Inconvenient Proof In the last 200 years the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation have caused higher concentrations of greenhouse gases

this traps radiation and causes warming Increased energy efficiency and carbon cutbacks could help reduce global warming and climate change Timeline http://www.takepart.com/issues/climate-change/3 2030 http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/games_activities/topten.cfm
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