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Stamp Project (ART & ICT)

This is a Prezi of my Stamp Project for Art and ICT. Enjoy!!

Aiobhean McCarthy

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Stamp Project (ART & ICT)

Stamp Project Dromantine Design Brief
I am going to create a stamp of Dromantine, by using my ICT skills and Photoshop. I will draw and paint a picture of Dromantine that I have taken. In my art folder I have included information, W.A.L.T, Font pages, Evaluations etc.
By doing the Stamp Project for art, we are learning:
• How to advance our ICT skills
• More about local historical landmarks
• How to get research and collect information from various sources
• How to make a stamp
• Independent learning
• How to draw and paint a picture of a historical landmark
• How to get the right shades and tones of the picture we see
• Observation skills
• Photography skills
• How to present our work in an orderly manner

During the middle ages, the Irish clan of Magennis owned most of South Down. One of the Magennis clansmen, Murtagh, became the owner of an estate of 4200 acres. In 1749 Magennis ownership passed to a Scottish Family called Innes. In 1806 Arthur Innes built the original part of Dromantine in Neo-classical style.
Dromantine 1926 My Picture Skills I Have Learnt...
- How to use Prezi
- How to add photos/pictures
- How to use word art
- How to change the word art fonts
- How to do back rounds
- How to use a scanner
- How to make a stamp
- How to observe, then draw a picture
- How to paint accurately
- How to get the right shades and tones for a picture
-How to do my work independently
-How to present my work in an interesting, colourful and orderly way
-Information and research on Dromantine
-Photography skills

My Painted Picture Manipulated Picture My Final Stamp Evaluation
What I enjoyed most about this Stamp Project was that I got to mix art and design with ICT. I loved learning new ICT skills, especially how to use Photoshop, manipulating images and making the final touches to my stamp.

Another part of the project I enjoyed was picking what landmark or famous area to use. I picked Dromantine, and after I took the picture, I drew it and painted.

What I disliked about the project was that we had to draw the picture and paint it. I did not enjoy this because I am not good at painting and drawing.

for Watching!
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