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Presidential Republic

No description

Cheyenne Cisse

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Presidential Republic

Who has the authority in the country?
The head of state has authority in the country.For example Barack Obama is the president of the United States,so he has authority.
Yes,because in a limited government (which we have) those in authority must follow the laws like everyone else.In a limited government the power of the government and President is limited.
The citizens vote for the president and the other people that need to be voted for. There is an easy way to replace leaders, The citizens must vote for a new leader,then the leader will be replaced.
Head of government is also head of state,and lead by Executive Branch that is seperate from the Legislative Branch.United States has a Presidential system.The executive can veto Legislative acts and in turn and a super majority of lawmakers may override the veto.The president can often pardon or commute sentences of convicted criminals.
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Presidential Republic

What characteristics does the Presidential Republic have?
How are the leaders chosen?
Do the leaders have to follow the same laws as everyone else?
What are some examples of a Presidential Republic?
Most countries have a Presidential Republic.Angola,Armenia,Azerbaijar,Belarus,and Chad also have a Presidential Republic.The Presidential Republic is the most widespread form of government in the contemparary world.
Angola has more power than the USA. Angola almost hit absolute power in 2010. Absolute power is good for the president but not always good for the people. Absolute power increases your power by a lot. Absolute power can bring you from no power to most power.

What are some of the advantages & disadvantages of the Presidential government?
How does the government style in each country affect its economic system ?
One of the advantages is that change may be implemented quickly.Another advantage is the president can't be removed like the prime minister,and there are chances that he will complete his term.One disadvantage is even if everyone agrees on something the president can stop it.Another disadvantage is the executive is chosen seperatly by the people and is a separate independent branch of government.
Here are some things that we learned/discovered about the Presidential Republic
A Presidential Republic is a system of government where an executive branch is lead by a president who serves as both head of state and head of government.The word president has presised from a time when such person personally presided over the government body.
Consumers and Producers make most decisions that mold the economy government activities have a powerful effect on the US economy in the last 4 areas.The more money you send to the government the less that exist in the economy.


Does a presidential Republic have a monarch or a president?
4.Does Barack Obama have limited or unlimited power?

5.What is a Presidential Republic?
Do the leaders have to follow the same rules as everyone else?
What is one country that also has a Presidential Republic?
Here are some presidents of the countrys that also have a Presidential Republic
President of Angola
President of Armenia
President of Azerbaijar
President of Chad
President of Belarus
Is there a peaceful way to replace the leaders?
Yes,there is a peaceful way to replace the leaders.When the citizens vote for a new president they see what the majority is and that's how they get the new leader(President).
How is Angola different from the U.S.A?
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