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What Goes Into a 4-H Beef Project

super saturday

Kyla Clawson

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of What Goes Into a 4-H Beef Project

The Path to a Super Beef Project Animal Selection KEYS What beef project did you enroll in? Bucket Calves
feed them a bottle with milk replacer and/or starter grain or hay after about 3 months
Steers and Heifers
Starter Ration
Grower Ration
Finisher Ration - market animals
Salt/Mineral Block
Forage Nutrition Animal Health/Animal Environment Breaking and training your calf starts at home long before you walk into the show ring Showtime! HAVE FUN! - include the entire family
Don't be afraid to ask questions
Learn from your experiences Calf must be born after January 1st
Bottle fed or bucket fed for 30 days
Tag your calf Bucket Calves Market Animals (Steer or Heifer) MUSCLE is first priority
Balance, Structural Correctness, Body Capacity are also important Breeding Heifer Structural Correctness
Body Capacity
Frame Size Beef Quality Assurance
Keeping pens and barns clean Clip your animal before the show Make sure that you have the proper equipment and prepare your animal for the showring
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