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Master Schedule Plan

No description

navid de Leede

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Master Schedule Plan

Master Schedule Plan
Attempted to keep class sizes small
-No class exceeds 25 students except for Trig/Stat
-Smaller Classes will lead to more individual attention

Target Class Size is 22-24 students
Foreign Language
Combine Spanish 7-8 with Spanish 9-10
- Younger Students learn from more experienced speakers
- Older students can continue language at a non AP level

Transfer all potential French 7-8 students into AP French
- Smaller Class Sizes (More attention)

Social Studies
Combine Contemporary Issues with Women's History
- Both used to complete requirements
- not enough space for them individually

Philosophy Class of 35 Students
Maintain a wide choice of classes

Wanted to keep classes small (With the exception of A.P.E.S, Environmental Science, and Marine Science)

Kept AP/Honors Classes

Kept all classes below 30 students

Sheltered English has only 15 students

Maximum of 345 Sections
The Question: How do we satisfy the needs of all kinds of students with this limited amount of sections?
Small Class Sizes

Minimize Absolute Cuts

Want to support all different kinds of students

Applied Technology
Combined Architecture 1-3

Added Construction Technology to Architecture

IWE classes do not need finance or funding

Non - Departmental
Physical Education
Capped Classes at 40 Students
- Class size can be large because of the nature of the class

The Arts
Combined String Orchestra and Symphonic Band

Made Drawing and Painting 1-2 and 3-4 a full year course

Added Drawing and Painting 5 to Honors Drawing and Painting

Combined AP Studio Art 2D and 3D

Added Honors Directors to Drama 1,2,3, and 4

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