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Turn Homeward Hannalee

No description

Sadie Arnett

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Turn Homeward Hannalee

Turn Homeward Hannalee
Summaries for chapters 1-10
Character traits for: Hannalee, Jem, Miz. Fletcher, and Rosellen
The End!!
By:Patrica Beatty
In chapter 3 of the book "Turn Homeward Hannalee", Hannalee and Jem are taken to the middle of Roswell with all the other Mill workers. Hannalee and Jem got split up so Hannalee tries to find Jem in the giant crowd of people. On the way, Hannalee finds Rosellen. Now that Rosellen and Hannalee found each other, they are sticking together. They finally find Jem. All three of them sit and in the middle of Roswell. Finally they are moved out of the sun and are taken all the way to Nashville, TN. On the way to Nashville, Hannalee and Rosellen figured out an excuse so they can always be put together (like in trains, houses ect...). When Hannalee was on the train to Nashville she heard some Yankees talking about splitting the boys and the girls so Hannalee chopped her braids off, sewed them to a sun bonnet and took off a layer of her skirt. When Hannalee and Rosellen got off the train, they hurried to find Jem to put a skirt and sun bonnet on him. If you saw him, you would think would think he was a girl, but not a pretty one.
Prezi by: Sadie Arnett
In chapter 1 of the book "Turn Homeward Hannalee", Twelve year old Hannalee Reed lives in Roswell GA. Right now the Civil war is going on. Hannalee's dad died in the Civil war and her brother Davey is in the war for the Confederate Army. Her mom was pregnant. Hannalee also has a ten year old brother named Jem. In the beginning of this chapter, Hannalee over hears Davey and Rosellen (Davey's girlfriend) fighting in the middle of the night about getting married. Rosellen wants to get married, but Jem doesn't want to get married yet because if he died in the war, that would make Rosellen a widow. With all this fighting going on, Hannalee's mom wakes up and assumes Hannalee is awake. Hannalee's mom asks her to go get her some fresh cold water from the well. Hannalee does what her mom says and goes outside to get water. When Hannalee goes outside she see giant flashing red beams in the sky!!
In chapter two, Hannalee wakes up at four o'clock in the morning to get ready for work at the Roswell Mill. Her Brother Jem also works at the Roswell Mill. Jem and Hannalee get themselves a glass of milk and go to work. Hannalee and Jen ago home at seven in the morning to have breakfast. They go home at noon to have lunch and then they go home for the day at seven pm. When Hannalee was going home with Jem for breakfast they saw smoke and immediately ran over to a group of men to find out what was going on. They told Jem and Hannalee that the Confederate soldiers were burnin' down the bridge that goes over the Chattahoochee river so that the Yankee soldiers could not cross it. The group then told Hannalee and Jem to go home and stay there. The Yankee soldiers were coming to Roswell! Jem and Hannalee ran all the home to tell their mom what was going on. She told them to go upstairs in their rooms and look out their windows. Jem and Hannalee ran upstairs and waited. Soon enough they heard banging on their door. It was the Yankee soldiers. Hannalee and Jem's mom told them to stay calm and if they ask any questions, to answer honest. Their mom opened the door. The soldiers asked how old Hannalee and Jem were and then asked if they worked in the Mill. They told the truth. The soldiers told Hannalee and Jem to say bye to their mom. It would be the last time they saw her. Jem and Hannalee said goodbye. When Hannalee said bye to her mom, her mom ripped the persimmon seed button from her shirt and gave it to Hannalee. She said,"turn homeward Hannalee".
Jem - Helpful : "When Jem came running up behind him and butted him in the rear." pg:44
Rosellen Bossy:"Eat it. Eat every crumb even if it busts your teeth!" pg:42
Hannalee - Creative:" I ducked my head under the benches, and sawed with the scissors at my two long braids of hair. Then leaning forward, I knotted the braids at the loose ends and sewed them quickly to the sides of the red sunbonnet." pg: 60
Hannalee - Hardworking: "I 'd taken my knitting to the mill and made stockings and mittens for Pap and Davey." pg:14
Hannalee - Nice: "To make up for my stealing , I hung my calico dress out
on top of the bushes so the folks I stole from would be sure to see it." pg:89
Hannalee - Smart: "Could we go along with you for a while, since you're headin' in our direction? We'd sort of keep you comp'ny. We ain't beggin'. We got some money to pay for our food, and our pockets are full of nuts." pg:152
Miz. Fletcher - Mean: "The Flechters never took me any place but to their church and when Miz Fletcher spoke about me to the church folks she knew, she called me "the ignorant, wretched, unlettered Georgia mill girl James and I have taken in out of the goodness of our hearts." " pg: 82
Davey- Responsible: "Get the water and get inside little sister. You shouldn't be walkin' around in the dark." pg:4
In chapter four, Hannalee, Jem, and Rosellen are taken away from each other. Rosellen is taken across the Ohio River to Indian to work in a Yankee mill. Jem is taken to a farm because he got tired of being called a "girl" and took his sunbonnet off and yelled " I' m Jem Reed! I'm not a girl ! " So Jem got taken to a farm away from Hannalee, but before he leaves he runs up to Hannalee and whispers, "The farmer's name is Rufus Hopkins. He lives close to Hartford."
In chapter five Hannalee is all alone, but kept getting poked and touch by random people to see if she was strong enough to do the job they wanted to be done. Then this one couple comes up and touches her skull. After a while of being touched, the woman tells Hannalee they are taking her home to do chores. She also says that she is Miz. Fletcher and her husband is Mr.Fletcher. Hannalee has to now do tons of chores around the Fletcher's house. She just gets yelled at and doesn't get taken anywhere, but the Fletcher's church were Miz. Fletcher calls Hannalee an " Ignorant, wretched, unlettered Georgia mill girl. "
In chapter six, Hannalee gets locked in her room while the Fletchers are gone. Hannalee packed her extra bits of food, all the clothes and money she could find and then snuck out of the window. She stayed at the bottom of the window until it got dark. When the sun was set, she left to go find Rosellen and Jem. She decided she would look for Rosellen first in Cannelton, Indiana. On the way there Hannalee faced many troubles. She was constantly asked why she was traveling alone. Hannalee decided to steal some boy’s clothes from a wash line so she could dress herself like a boy. She hoped people would stop asking questions. Next, she saw a man get shot and a house get burned by William Quantrill. One night she had stopped in a tree to sleep, when she heard men and horse’s hooves. She heard a gunshot and looked over at the nearby house. Hannalee could see a dead man on the ground with a woman and children around him. She cried out and the men found her. They came over and said, “Can you give me one good reason I shouldn’t shoot you, too?” She was so scared and she didn’t want to lie any more so she decided to tell him the truth. Hannalee told the men she was from Georgia and that she was running away from some people she was working for in Louisville. She told them that she was lost and that her brother was fighting for the Confederate Army in Virginia. William Quantrill laughed and laughed. Finally, he told her that he wasn’t going to shoot her and that if she was trying to get to Georgia she was going the wrong way. He then commanded his men to “fire the house!” A man threw a lantern through an open window and the house caught fire. Hannalee went over to the woman and asked if she could help her. She realized that she couldn’t do anything to help the family so she left. Hannalee walked on until she came to some trees growing beside a river. She was getting a drink of water when she heard horses again. She was so scared and thought for sure it was Quantrill again. Hannalee hid and tried to see. She found out it was Yankee horse soldiers and thought for sure they were hunting Quantrill. They didn’t see her. After they left, she lay down for a while and tried to calm down. Thinking about it, she decided to go on to cross the Ohio River into Indiana. After a day and half, she came to the river. Finally, the ferry came. Hannalee crossed over the Ohio River and went to Cannelton. She was hoping Rosellen would recognize her dressed as a boy. When she found Rosellen she started to walk right by but Hannalee said, “Rosellen, it’s me, Hannalee. I ain’t a boy. I run away from Louisville.” Hannalee was happy to see herked and Rosellen told her about her mill job and the people she worked for. She liked it there. Hannalee explained why she left and asked Rosellen to go to find Jem with her so they could go home. Rosellen told her that she didn’t want to go back to Roswell until after the war. They decided that Hannalee would stay a boy and that she would work in the mill in Cannelton for now. At the end of the chapter, Hannalee realized that Rosellen had changed a lot!
Chapter 7 starts off by Hannalee and Rosellen going to the boarding home and meeting Miz. Burton. Miz. Burton was really nice even though Hannalee told her about being from the south and her brother being a Confederate soldier. Miz. Burton offers to teach Hannalee how to read and write. Hannalee couldn’t believe it. She said she would love to learn! Miz. Burton left and Rosellen asked Hannalee not to tell anyone about their lives in Georgia. Hannalee agreed not to tell. Miz. Burton showed Hannalee a little room in the back of the boarding house where she could stay. Miz. Burton cooked a delicious dinner. Hannalee met the other girls in the house. Their names were Sally, Betty, Lizzie and Elizabeth. She also met Miz. Charlotte. Miz. Charlotte told Hannalee what was expected of the boarders. Hannalee’s job was to chop wood. Miz. Charlotte told me that she was proud of how Rosellen was becoming a regular lady. That night Hannalee and Sally got a lesson from Miz. Burton. Miz. Burton asked Hannalee if she would like help writing her brother a letter. She said yes. The next day, Hannalee and Rosellen went to the mill and Hannalee was hired as a bobbin’ boy. Hannalee missed home, but she could tell that Rosellen didn’t. One day Hannalee told Rosellen that she wasn’t the same person any more. Rosellen got mad and said that Hannalee wasn’t the same any more either. They also fought about Davey. Rosellen asked Hannalee never to speak to her about Davey again. Hannalee felt sad and lonely. She wrote Jem a letter, but didn’t hear back from him. She worried about him and Davey. The other girl’s in the house told Hannalee that Rosellen and Mr. Greenwood were starting to like each other. Hannalee got mad. News came about General Sherman burning everything in the south and she got scared for Roswell. Finally, she made up her mind to leave. She got up early the next day and gathered her things. Hannalee didn’t leave a note or tell anyone goodbye. She felt thankful to Miz. Burton and was glad she met her. Hannalee also knew that Rosellen would understand. She went to the ferry and waited. She was excited to be finally, going home.
Chapter 8 begins with Hannalee going to find Jem in Hartford. She goes back the way she came and arrived in Hartford late in the afternoon. She remembered a conversation she had with Miz. Burton about post office folks knowing where people lived. Hannalee looked for a post office so she could ask where the Rufus Hopkins’s farm was located. She talked to a post office lady who told her how to find the Hopkins’s farm. Hannalee found the farm and went to the hayloft where she spent the night with a cat. In the morning, she watched the door of the house hoping that Jem would come collect the eggs. She was correct! Jem came to collect the eggs. She walked up behind him and tapped him on the back and said, “Jemmie Reed, it’s me your sister, Hannalee. I come to fetch you away.” Jem was very surprised and happy to see Hannalee. They talked about leaving and Jem said that it should be easy to leave today because the farmer was away. Hannalee says they should go to Louisville and catch a train back to Georgia. Getting to Louisville was slow and hard because they had to walk. Once they got there, they figured out that they could only take a train to Nashville. They got on the train and it took them three days to get to Nashville. When they got there, they found out that General Hood and his Confederate troops where close by and there was about to be a big fight. Jem and Hannalee decided to head for Franklin and the Confederate troops. They went to the Yankee camp and hung out and watched what was going on. Everyone was getting scared. Jem and Hannalee climbed up a tree to try to stay safe during the battle. It turned out, that they had a great view of the battle. At one point they had to climb higher in their tree to get away from the fighting. A Yankee soldier climbed up their tree because he was being chased by a Confederate soldier. The Yankee climbed up the tree to a limb that was right below Jem and Hannalee. They were really scared. Hannalee closed her eyes and then heard a shot. When she opened them, she saw the Yankee solider fall to the ground, dead. They tried to yell down that they were Confederates and not to shoot, but the solider didn’t hear them. The soldier reloaded his gun and took aim. They held their breath. The man lowered his gun and smiled and ran off. They were happy the man didn’t want to kill any kids, even Yankee kids. Hannalee and Jem waited in the tree until they heard no more sounds of battle below them.
Chapter Nine – Hannalee wanted to wait until she could see before they left their tree. Finally, the smoke cleared and they came down. They couldn’t believe their eyes. There were dead bodies everywhere. Hannalee felt sick. They found two Confederates and asked who won the battle. The Confederate said the “bluebellies” won. The Confederate soldier also told Jem and Hannalee that General Hood was going to fight in Nashville to make the bluebellies pay for what they had done in Franklin. The Confederates asked Jem and Hannalee what two Yankee boys were doing around here and told them to leave. Hannalee explained that they weren’t Yankee’s but the Reeds from Georgia. She said that her big brother was fighting in the Roswell Guards, the Seventh Georgia Infantry of the Confederate Army. The soldiers gave Hannalee and Jem the bad news about a really bad battle where almost everyone died. They said it was the Seventh of Georgia and they should consider their brother to be dead. Jem and Hannalee were really really sad. They couldn’t believe their brother was DEAD! They stayed there the rest of the night and then decided to cross the Confederate Army the next day and go home. They crossed the Confederates camp with no problem and headed off to Georgia. After a while they heard a noise that sounded like thunder. They looked around and found a horse tangled up in the bush. It looked like a Confederate officer’s horse. They named him Thunder. Jem and Hannalee decided to ride the horse but if a Confederate asked, they would give the horse up. Finally, they came to a town so Hannalee told Jem to stay off of the road on Thunder and that she would be right back. She went into town to send Rosellen a letter explaining that Davy had died. When they got back on the road they came across some Confederate Calvery, who stopped them. They took Thunder from them. Hannalee and Jem had to walk again. After a while, they met up with a peddler who offered to give them a ride. They traveled with the peddler for a while. Eventually, Jem and Hannalee had to tell the peddler the truth. The peddler had decided to take them all the way to Atlanta. They were very excited. Finally, they made it to Atlanta. The peddler dropped them off and went on his way.
Chapter 10 starts with Hannalee and Jem walking the last little bit to Roswell. Those last miles were the sweetest they had walked even though it was cold and rainy. When they got to Roswell, they went to Rosellen’s Aunt Marilla’s house. They decide to wait until morning to knock on the door. They finally knocked on the door and Old Marilla Sanders answered. She didn’t recognize them and asked what they wanted. Hannalee asked if the “Widow Reed” lived there and they found out that she did! Hannalee took out the persimmon-seed and handed it to Miz. Sanders. Miz. Sanders looked at the seed and then looked at Hannalee. She cried out, “Hannalee? Is that you?” Miz. Sanders told them that their mom had the baby and it was a girl named Paulina. Finally, they ran up the stairs and were reunited with their mom. They told their mom about where they had been. Miz. Sanders finally asked about Rosellen and Hannalee explained that she was in Indiana and she wasn’t coming back until the war was over. Times were hard and there wasn’t much to eat. General Lee finally surrendered and Abraham Lincoln was killed. They decided everyone loses in war. A couple of days later, they heard a knock at the door. Their mom was so excited because she knew it was Davey. Hannalee and Jem were so nervous and didn’t believe it could be him. Then she opened the door and there was Davey! He looked terrible and only had one arm, but he was alive. Hannalee tells Davey that Rosellen won’t be coming back and he says that is ok. He said he should have married her when he had the chance, but now it’s too late. They all talk and agree they should move closer to Atlanta to find work. Hannalee decides she would like to be a teacher. They all are happy to be back together.
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