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Me As A Leader

No description

vivian garcia

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Me As A Leader

Me As A Leader
Further Preparation
In order to further prepare myself to be a leader I need to discover my own unique leadership style, learn how to motivate others and getting noticed by learning how to talk and act like a leader.
Lasting Impression
In a few years from now you should expect me to be open with my own salon and hear a lot of positive reviews about my place and how I run things. Watch out for it in the future!
Hi how are you today? As you know, my name is Vivian Garcia and I run my own business and have my own salon.
Who and what has prepared me for leadership? My school and teachers have all prepared me for leadership, this is something they've been preparing me along with every other student, since kindergarten.
A few of my strengths are that I am responsible, flexible, and I have commitment. These traits will benefit me in this position because in order to run a business you always need to have time which is being flexible. But more importantly you need to be committed and running your own business takes a lot of commitment.
My weakness would have to be communication. I'm not well at communicating with others and I understand this is needed to get certain tasks done. But to overcome this issue i will just have to practice my communication skills and be more involved with others, communication wise.
Leadership position
In a couple years from now I see myself running my own business. I want to open up my own salon, I believe this position requires leadership because it takes leadership skills to manage and run your own business, like for example you need to be committed, have confidence, and always keep a positive attitude!
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