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Competitive Analysis 1 (Euphoria Spa)

No description

Chi Nga Pinky Chan

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Competitive Analysis 1 (Euphoria Spa)

Shizuka New York Friendly big picture! Red Door on the Go... What other spas in NYC are doing! Bliss Spa trademark color? Tribeca Spa of Tranquility They have their own youtube channel! Soho Sanctuary January 2013 Red Door Spa: Elizabeth Arden Promotions (spa rewards, mobile-online giveaways, exclusive spa offers) sent straight to customers' phone
No more than 4 text messages each month Pintrest Topics... Many promotions with images, as well as text. Many images of people (customers/employees) on their facebook page
perhaps to get customers more of the "inside-look" Twitter they do a lot of hashtags # to get themselves on the topics that are trending. for example when it was new year's they tweeted "#newyearsnewyou" "My red door" an online account to keep track of appointments/spa wishlists/personal contacts, they call it "little red book" Making it more personal, "face-to-face" images with text on the sidebar, not bottom Official website: homepage Spa-blog They have many DIY-spa treatments listed here:
similar to your youtube idea! although they don't have many likes on Facebook, their website caught my eye
they have a separate section for "men's spa", which I thought was interesting...might widen the target audience Everything on the Bliss website is baby blue! Euphoria's is orange correct? Let's use more :) Big section for this on their website...
many big images everywhere...
http://www.blissworld.com/spa/whats-hot/refer-a-friend/ I thought this was pretty cool, having different experts answer questions, on their website Pictures of people! personal website account another spa that asks people to create their own accounts and "log-in" photo tour they also have a separate photo tour page on their website, offering peeks on how their place looks instagram another way to be in the public eye, include quick snapshots of products or people/employees holding+using products/services facebook polls they ask things like "what spa service can't you live without?" this gives you a better idea to what you need to promote and involve more people participation, making them feel important. this place uses facebook event too, which is good because when people click "attend" it gets on their wall and their friends might see and attend too. It doesn't necessarily have to be an actual in-person event though. events like these, "twitter takeover" I'm not sure who Gabrielle Berstein is but she took over blissspa's twitter and answered people's questions about being happy. Contests People compete to get free stuff.
Sometimes they have things like this "tell us how you're transforming yourself in 2013" (questions/surveys)
Or other things like:
Like my facebook page
follow me on pintrest, tumblr,twitter
share this page
Or even profile picture our logo or cover-page our logo (this way, the contestants's friends can see the picture)
then they pick a random person and ask them through direct messaging or emailing what their address is and they send the product to them. not sure how they do this but they incorporate their store on their facebook page. They even have buttons to share the product on facebook/twitter/etc but the videos are really awkward, like this one... Apparently, they're on Groupon too! They also have a separate page for photo gallery on their website. Tribeca Beauty Spa They team up with hair salons, to get the whole look done...and then share it on facebook! They offer the "Bring a friend then 25% off both"
They give tips on how to be healthy They offer yelp deals, similar to Groupon...according to the reviews -- they put out LivingSocial deals too Side note: people say their service/attitudes are really bad Completely Bare The owner She used to be on Bravo TV, so perhaps that's how she has so many customers? She puts her own personal twitter page on her company website, probably to gain publicity. She invites people who were on Jersey Shore (celebrities?) to come and then shows photo evidence that they've been there Avatar? Spokesperson? They have their logo with this woman everywhere... they have 32 youtube videos...only some are DIY they have crazy videos of crazy services like these...weird but they grab attention another place that uses FB events...they have special talks from doctors they also have a testimonials page on their website and more photo galleries of their spa and beauty loft they also have a separate fitness section on their website many fb posts with picture ads, many with the logo included at the same place on each ad, along with text description in the facebook post They also repeat many times that customers can email the owner, makes it very personal Tribeca Medspa They make their custom cover photo for their facebook page they offer a kind of "comment form" that you can fill out to give them feedback on their website. Although their twitter icon is there, it's a broken link. cannot search for their twitter? listing on "pretty city" the website doesn't look very fancy or official but Tribeca Med is listed here and they offer some coupons on the site, people can even vote for them. Not sure if you want to explore this. Exhale Spa They made a really professional video that they feature on their homepage of their official website Their homepage is really attention grabbing Offers a downloadable brochure about themselves another testimonial/blog page but with extra share buttons unsure but.. many people like to post images of "feel-good" quotes..Exhale has many of these on their facebook page. People love a mascot... random pictures like this grab lots of attention They don't have a twitter I believe (their link to it is broken) But BloomspotNYC lists them... This was on their twitter page
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