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Recycled Art

Explore how artists use recycled materials to create wonderful pieces of art. This Prezi focuses on an underwater theme!

Holly Chadwick

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Recycled Art

Recycled Art In Underwater Studies This Prezi explores how some artists use recycled materials such as plastics to create wonderful pieces of art inspired by the magical depths of the sea. The Artists: Aurora Robson
Caroline Saul
Ernst Haeckle
Miwa Koizumi
Thomas Hill Aurora Robson She was born in 1972, Toronto, Canada and grew up in Maui, Hawaii. However, for the past 21 years, she has been living and working in New York. Robson's work has been featured in Art in America, Art & Antiques and recently covered Green Building + Design magazine. She has appeared in over 50 exhibitions including at least 10 solo exhibitons. Her Work http://aurorarobson.com/ Aurora mainly uses plastic to create interesting sculptures, but has been known also for her "junk mail" collages and paintings. While her pieces are extraordinary, how we interpret art depends on how it is presented. I admire Aurora Robson for how she never fails to put together an arrangement that captures the beauty of of sea life. for full collection Caroline Saul She is based in Brighton. Perhaps the pebble beaches of the town gave her the inspiration for her intricate art pieces. She is currently working at Fizz Creations. Caroline was a finalist in Aesthetica Annual Creative Works Competition, 2008 as well as being selected to appear at Talente 2009 International Fair in Munich, Germany. She has been part of at least 24 exhibitions including some exhibitions in Germany. Her Work for full collection http://www.carolinesaul.co.uk/ Saul explores colour, texture, material, patterning, shape and form through the use of recycled plastics to create her bubbly shaped pieces. Even though she is well known for vase-like creations, she has also made cards and light shades. Thomas Hill Hill is a self taught sculptor from the UK at 27 years of age who has recently been working on horse sculptors using horse shoes. Much of Tom's work has been sold to places as far as America. Not only has his work made it onto BBC London News, Three Countries Radio and in the local newspaper after making two life sized elephants for Hatfiled House, Thomas Hill created two rearing horses for the 2012 London Olympics. His Work http://www.tomhillsculpture.co.uk/ for full collection Tom uses wire to create life sized sculptors of animals and the the occasional plant piece. Currently, he uses horse shoes to create bold pieces of art by using gas forges, anvils and hammers as well as various welding techniques to heat and form his magnificent creatures.
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