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Dracula and Earnest in Comparison

How does the story The Importance of Being Earnest compare to Dracula in regards to our three topic categories: Wealth, Class, and Sexual Supression?

Geoff Smith

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Dracula and Earnest in Comparison

Earnest "inspires absolute confidence" The women in the reading are so enthalled in the name of Earnest that they almost see nothing else of their men except for the "made up" name of Earnest. Social Class Victorian Era Both readings were centered around very wealthy and high class individuals who had access to the tools necessary to do whatever they want. Everything was done in a proper manner with a good bit of thought. Social Class and Wealth =Boredom Jonathan Harker wants excitement in Real estate and to travel.
Jack and Algernon create a "Bunbury" to get away and create excitement without concequences.
Dr. Van Helsing and company want to track down and kill Dracula by any means and any lengths. They have the resources to travel and access to equipment. Sexual Supression The women in both readings have a need to express themselves sexually but they are held back in some way and never get a chance to fully commit on their own terms.
Dracula's wives are called off just before swarming Harker
Cecily and Gwendolen want to get married but are held back by their guardians.
Mina and Lucy are both bitten and under the spell of Dracula. They unknowingly and unwillingly under Dracula's control and never are able to experience their suiters Jonathan and Arthur.
Screenshot from Importance of Being Earnest
pinkpeonies73.blogspot.com Sources http://www.hoboes.com/FireBlade/Fiction/Wilde/earnest/

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