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Sierra Leone

No description

Zoe K

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone by Zoë Kaznelson The Civil War How has the Country Changed as a Result of the War? Sierra Leone Now How are Diamonds Created? How did the War End? How has the Landscape Changed as a Result of Mining for Diamonds? The rebels were called the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) and were led by Foday Sankoh. They were first fighting against the corrupt government but then started fighting about the control of the diamond mines. The role they played were the revolutionaries. As punishments, the rebels would cut off limbs of people; even children. A two month old child got his foot chopped off. Many people left to try to escape the civil war. Besides destroying buildings and structures, the Civil War destroyed political, economic, and social growth. There are many construction needs. There were also more than 50,000 people who were killed. The people of Sierra Leone are now living in peace even though they are very poor and the country hasn't improved much from before the war. The youth unemployment rate is 60%. There is a lot of growth, though, because of a recent iron ore mine finding. Diamonds are formed in mantle, a part of the inner earth (below earth's crust). They are created when carbon is exposed to great pressure and crushed together. It then makes it's way up to the surface by breaking through the earth's crust and creating volcanoes. The lava from the volcano cools and hardens and becomes kimberlite. Within the kimberlite are diamonds. The UN (United Nations) had to get involved. The Lome Peace Agreement was created in 1999 to disarm the RUF and other rebels. But it wasn't untill 2002 that there was actual peace. Mining for diamonds in Sierra Leone causes:
-The surface to be pocketed with holes.
-Barren patches of earth.
-Residents to evacuate the area.
-Dust clouds which makes people sick.
-Pollutes water What Happened to the People of Sierra Leone? The people in Sierra Leone carry the emotional and physical scars of the war. Children have missing limbs. Others have the painful memories. Some have no family. The country had also spent 75% of the national budget on the military during the war and is still struggling to function. What Events Led up to the Civil War? -In 1787, Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, was founded by the British as a colony for rescued slaves.
-In 1961, Sierra Leone became independent.
-In 1985, Major-General Joseph Saidu Momoh became president and two years later, he proclaimed state of economic emergency. BIBLIOGRAPHY Works Cited
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