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Year 10 - Transmedia Storytelling - Intro to Transmedia

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Shayne Travis Grieve

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of Year 10 - Transmedia Storytelling - Intro to Transmedia


welcome to transmedia
we live for stories
Stories teach lessons about life, culture and history.
Help us to make sense of the world.
Can educate us
Provide richness, excitement and comfort
we embrace stories that
touch our hearts...
we embrace stories that
inspire and motivate us...
that's why
has always been an integral role in
we used to tell stories around the fire
others could interject and shape the story
then came radio, film and tv
a one-way medium which excluded
the audience from the conversation
then came the second screen like smartphones and tablets.
enabling a deeper, more immersive experience.
new media has brought about a convergence between the old and new way of telling stories
with new methods of distributing content
enter transmedia
what is transmedia?
Telling arching story worlds over various platforms (film, tv, graphic novels, comics, online videos, mobile apps, websites, blogs, social media) with each thread tailored to the platform it lives in.

Relies on current digital technologies

Extends elements of a primary storyline across multiple spaces to create an inter-active, multi-layered fiction than the sum of its parts.

Elements are dispersed systematically - each making their own contribution to the whole story.
Here's what the hit show 'heroes' did
why so serious?
hollywood has jumped at the
opportunity to use transmedia as a means
of launching their huge blockbuster movies

Have you heard of
ever hear of this disaster?
cloverfield (2008)

this semester you will be telling your own
transmedia story
- using multiple platforms to engage
your audience.
1. focus on telling a
good story
make sure it's engaging and interactive
allowing for audience participation to
shape the story
2. think about how you want to

You will be creating a wix website where you can upload, link and store every aspect of your story.

You will also create a blog to provide greater depth and insight. You could also post pictures, questions and updates to your audience and gain feedback from them directly.

You should also consider using current
social media
technologies like

to share and interact with your audience and develop your ideas further.

Your filmed portion of the story will be uploaded to
and linked back to your site.

we are in a transitional period where our relationship with media is shifting to multiple screens. our audience is growing up in a digital world. the playing, reading patterns, and habits of young and old are changing as reading extends from the printed page to tablets to a future of myriad of diverse devices.

- mark long, gametech 2011
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