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"Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something"

No description

Fawn Hudson

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of "Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something"

"Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something"
Studies show that students who actively participate in activities are more success during college.
Benefits of involvement
Meet other students
Connect with faculty & staff
Discover interests
Stand out in the job market (leadership)
Develop Leadership skills by:

Running for office or take leadership positions
organizing an event
Develop new programs within an organization
Participating in leadership development programs (Leadership to Go; S.E.E. Training).
High School Invlovement

Make a list of your involvement during high
school. Consider whether you would like to continue to participate in similar or different activities.

Should I continue an interest from high school?
Should I be in a group that relates to my major or career choice?
Do I want to work on something I believe in?
Are there financial considerations?
UWG Organizations

There are ove 160 student organizations & they are divided into several categories:

Performing Arts
Honor Societies
Military Interst Groups
How to get involved

Visit Center for Student Involvement
Attend Student organization & Leadership Fair (beginning of school)
Talk to your Academic Advisor
Look for advertisings posted around campus
Log into OrgSync
Do your research

GPA requirements
Meeting times
Time commitment
Number of credit hours
New member process
Membership dues
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