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USA Summer Camp Orientation

No description

ali maresh

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of USA Summer Camp Orientation



Meet Your Peer Advisor You're going to be wearing this outfit 75% of the time Electronics
You only need the simple converter for Japan
Pack as light as possible

What to pack?
+ small pillow
+ small shower towel that can dry quickly (emphasis on small)
+ Inside sandals or slippers (nothing extreme or bulky)
+ Nothing so dressy that you wouldn’t also be able to wear it during the day – don’t waste the space
Keep in mind that Japanese women don’t wear tank tops or shorts much so try to keep things modest (i.e., arm sleeves)

One warmer piece of clothing -sweatshirt -raincoat -Jeans Must Haves

Entertainment for yourself
and your campers
Photo album
Water bottle
Watch (w/alarm)
Nice Clothes

Once you arrive in Japan

Make sure you provide the email of your emergency contact to Guy Healy
On average, you will not necessarily have access to make a phone call during the first couple of days.

American Counselors
(AC) What do counselors do? American Director
(AD) Japanese Director
(JD) Japanese Counselors
(JC) Campers Expectations Schedule & Activity Overview Days on vs. Days off Independent Travel JRail Pass
This must be purchased outside of Japan. Sarah Orientation English as a Second Language Gifts For Your Host Family
Photo Albums
Picture book of the U.S. or Wisconsin
Candy that does not melt

Gifts For The Children:
Children's books
Baseball Cards

A few words of advice...
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