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The Lottery

short story

Bailey Hudson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Lottery

When the Hutchinson's find out they are the family Climax Rising Action Exposition Falling Action Resolution Everyone gathers in the square as the boys collect stones. When they started the Lottery, by drawing papers. Tessie gets picked for the lottery and gets stoned. The Hutchinson's draw to see which family member will get stoned Mood:
Tense, and nervous Mood: Content Mood: Anxious, nervous Clear sunny day, warm weather, blooming flowers and green grass Mood: Surprising, ironic Tess was the only one saying things and the only one showing she was scared. In the end she is the one who died. Tessie kept yelling "that's not fair" Mood: Nervous, scared People were very quite and doing what they are told. Afraid they might get the paper. Tess starts saying its unfair and that they need to start over. showing her fear and that she was anxious Protagonist Antagonist Lottery: Cold hearted , deadly, annually, unpredictable
- It doesn't care who's life it takes.
- It happens every year.
- You don't know who the lottery is going to take. Foreshadowing Tessie: was upset, scared, and nervous during the drawing. when she becomes the victim she becomes more out spoken trying to save herself from being killed. - When the kids collect rocks you can
foreshadow that they are going to
use the rocks for something diabolical - When it says everyone is going to town square you can foreshadow something big is going to happen. Theme Don't keep tradition just because it's what you have only known. - The people are very particular about the black box. They don't want to change it because it has always been the same one.
- People talked about stopping the Lottery, but other people were not willing to change what they were used to. Shirley Jackson Q and A
* Why do you think Tessie was the only person complaining about the lottery?
* Why do you think it never says what the lottery is?
* What is the significance of the Black Box?
* In your opinion why do you think Bill told Tessie to shut up?
*Why does Old Warner say it's not the way it used to be? Basic Info:
Shirley was born in 1916 and died in 1965. She was born in San Francisco, California. She spent her childhood in nearby Burlingame, California. When she was a young teenager she began writing poetry and short stories. Her family moved East and she went to University of Rochester. After a year she withdrew and spent a year at home practicing writing. Then she entered Syracuse University where she published her first story "Janice." Irony Influences:
The lottery was published after World War II. People would say Jackson was crazy, and it came out in her stories. Top 10 Writings
1.) The Lottery
2.) Nine Magic Wishes
3.) The Road Through The Wall
4.) Jancie
5.) The Birds Nest
6.) Life Among The Savages
7.) Hangsaman
8.) The Missing Girl
9.) We have always lived in the castle
10.) Rising Demons The song that my group chose to represent our story is called "Dear Agony" by Breaking Benjamin. The beginning is the best at connecting to the book. The song talks about how people suffer, like Tess did when she got stoned to death. And also since she dies in the short story she goes to heaven we believe because it's not her fault she was chosen, and the song says "Carry me to Heavens arms." Also, the song says "I will find the enemy within, because I can feel it crawl beneath my skin"" I think this goes well because the enemy within Tess is tradition, because the towns so used to it and doesn't want to change it, just because. But the rocks crawl beneath her skin in reality. Also, the chorus of this song tells how he suffers slowly, like Tessa does. He also asks if it's the way its got to be, and Tess does to in the story, because she try's to convince them to change their ways but they don't because they're scared of change and it's what they're used to. -The Lottery: Lotteries are normally exciting and fun, but this Lottery isn't fun. When most people think of lotteries they think of money, but this lotteries is about death. Journal
Do you believe change is good or should you stick to tradition? Why or Why not? The lottery was written in 1948 the same year when she published her first novel called "The Road through the Wall". The lottery has been published in dozens of different languages and is still a required reading in high school. Citations:
*Shirley Jackson's Bio." Shirley Jackson's Bio. N.p., 2009. Web. 07 Sept. 2012. <http://shirleyjackson.org/>.
*"Shirley Jackson, Author of Horror Classic, Dies." The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Sept. 2012.
*"Shirley Jackson." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation Inc., n.d. Web. 10 Sept. 2012. Jackson wrote 16 short stories and was working on her 17th story that never got finished when she died. After she died her two kids ended up writing a story about Jackson's unpublished stories. In 1963 a director named Robert Wised made Jackson's story "The Haunting" into a movie. This was Jacksons first film made into a movie. This movie got Jackson an award but she got an illness and couldn't attend the ceremony and died shortly after.
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