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Katherine Orlando

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Mississippi

Take a trip down the Mississippi River and see the wonders of the state!

Significant Historical Facts
In 1763 British took control of Mississippi at the end of the Indian and French war.
In 1817 Mississippi turned into a state.
Fernando de Soto a Spanish explorer was the first European to visit the Mississippi area.
In 1870 Mississippi rejoined the union as a state after it seceded during the Civil War.
Natural Resources
Fresh water
Fertile soil
Natural gas
Industries and Jobs
Cotton Growing
Places to Visit
Mississippi River
Gulf Coast Islands
Did You Know?
1. Did you know that Mississippi has more tree farms than any other state?2. Did you know that the Mississippi river stretches from Mississippi to Wisconsin?
3. Did you know that during the Mississippi food of 1927 flooded the town called Greenville for 70 days?
4. Did you know the state's water fowl is the wood duck?
Geographic Features
In Mississippi, The Mississippi River slowly moves along its border.
Birds like pelicans feed in the mucky waters.
The Black Belt Narrow Region runs from Tennessee through Mississippi to Alabama.
In The Gulf Coast Islands white quartz sand covers the islands and also marshes nearby.
Woodall Mountain is the state's highest point.
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