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Being a Manager at Hozayen Co.

No description

Farah Khaled

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Being a Manager at Hozayen Co.

Team/group work and conflict management
Decision making and organizational structure.
Leadership model and characteristics of a good manager
Hozayen Co. is an
Egyptian Textile company founded in 1985.

The company
does not rely on team work.

Teams are only formed on the managerial level and their members usually comes from
same Background

Teams are not always given the power to apply what they reached.

The company witnesses very little inter-group conflicts .
" Conflicts must be avoided"

The company has a very weak culture.
Planning in closing markets depends heavily on
managerial flexibilit
The CEO uses a
transactional way
of leadership.
A good manager must influence his employees, be rational , objective and flexible.

Dr. Randa El Bedawy
Mngmt 307

Being a Manager at Hozayen Co.

Organizational cultures and Egyptian managers
Egyptian manager has a paternalistic role.
However, it has patterns that do not change.

Employees have
very detailed job descriptions
The company has
High formalization
. .
Recommendations ! :)
More managers and employees should be
involved in decision making.
Line workers need to
company's goals and mission
The company should build a
strong culture.
In case of expansion, the company should consider hiring employees with leadership skills.
The company should consider
promoting team work.
Thank You !
Any questions?

In 2002, the founder of the company passed away and management was passed to Ehab Hozayen
The company's main objective is to provide
locally produced
casual wear at
affordable prices.
Managers are able to
diversify their suppliers
, increasing their sources flexibility.
The CEO creates flexible, long term plans ( 3 years).
The Top manager at Hozayen Co.
does not
follow The MBO model.
Egyptian employees lack qualification and are not always productive
SWOT Analysis
Lack of qualified employees
The company uses high priced
raw material
Innovative Fashion trends.
Regulations on imported clothing.
The Company has a
highly centralized
and a
short yet wide
span of command.
The jobs are
and the work are
. All departments communicate well for job purposes
The Employees and the environment are also
constantly monitored and controlled
The top manager has an
view of management.
He uses an
leadership model.
The CEO is also an
, he is willing to take risks.
No over-confidence bias, nor confirmation bias=learning organization
Manager's Experience

The Manager learned that company needs to be
and track market changes.
He also learned that to be a
good leader
he has to be
rather than feared.
Organizational Structure
What We have learned !!
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