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Mary Grace Heartlein

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Ecology

December 2014

Justin Kaleb Caeden Ryan Charlie Justin
Over 70% of the parents at NKMS were idling - keeping their car on - while waiting to pick up their children.

No Idling!
The no idling group has worked on educating and influencing drivers to not idle.
1. Research issues regarding idling.
2. Conduct a survey of after school pick-up areas to determine the scale of idling at NKMS.
3. Design a campaign to reduce idling.
4. Solicit local businesses for coupons and gift cards to reward parents who do not idle.
5. Spread the word through weekly parent updates on the detrimental effects of idling and details of the no-idling campaign including
an on-line pledge to not idle.
6. Ecology students distribute raffle tickets on parking lots to non-idling drivers.
7. Hold daily and weekly raffles to reward parents for not idling.
8. Place signs in local stores asking people to
"Turn the Key and be Idle Free".
Raise awareness about idling in hopes that parents and eventually our whole community will reduce idling.
Action Plan:
1. Many people are scared of bees
and want to kill them.
2. Many people don’t know how helpful the bees are and what they do for the environment.
3. Many NKMS students are concerned about bees after researching Colony Collapse Disorder.

The Rain Garden Group has been working on researching, designing, and constructing a
rain garden at NKMS. Their goal is to reduce runoff and educate others on the benefits of rain gardens.
Action Plan:

1. Educate all NKMS students about the importance of bees and current threats posed to bees and make clear the fact that bees are not threats to us.
2. Start a Beekeepers Club.
3. Start beehives at NKMS run by
students and teachers.

1. Research beekeeping and determine if NKMS can maintain a beehive at the school.
2. Find other schools with beehives and conference with them on feasibility of beekeeping.
3. Send students and teachers to a beekeeping workshop held by the Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association.
4. Purchase beekeeping hives and equipment.
5. Start a Beekeepers Club at NKMS to raise bees and
to educate others about bees.
6. Construct hive stands and fences for our beehives
to protect the bees and reduce chances of people
getting stung.
7. Raise bees and harvest the honey to sell to
maintain hives.
Action Plan:
1. Buildings create a lot of runoff
that can have chemicals that are harmful and go to local streams without being treated.

1. Construct a rain garden outside the NKMS Science Wing to reduce runoff and pollution entering streams.
2. Educate community about rain gardens through interpretive signage in the garden.
3. When selecting plants, choose
plants that are
Monarch Butterfly friendly to create a
Monarch Waystation.
The Going Green at NKMS group has worked on making videos about various environmental issues affecting the planet and how NKMS students can make a difference.




This is the layout that they created with him...
The Beehive Group attended the
Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association Beginner Beekeepers Workshop to learn more about starting beehives at NKMS
Rain Gardens
The rain garden group met with
Jason Mueller, Kirkwood Schools' Ground Manager, to discuss the feasibility of constructing a rain garden to slow down and decontaminate some of the additional run-off from the science wing addition.
1. Research rain gardens and their benefits.
2. Contact district grounds manager to
get approval and assistance.
3. Coordinate with grounds manager on location and
logistics for constructing the rain garden.
4. Contact local businesses for material donations of compost, mulch, and plants.
5. Harvest and sell seeds from wildflower garden to fund expenses of construction.
6. Assist with district construction of garden area.
7. Re-pot and maintain donated starter plants in NKMS greenhouse for late spring planting in the garden.
8. Construct educational signs about rain gardens and informational signs for all plants in the garden.
9. Transplant potted plants into rain garden.
The Beehives group has started a beekeepers club at NKMS to learn the art and science of beekeeping and educate other students about the importance of bees. They have also been working on finding funding to purchase beehives, bees, and the hive stands.
Students at NKMS don't think about the importance of being green.
Educate the students of
about the importance of being green.
No Idling Handouts
Action Plan:
1. Make weekly videos about going green to be shown during morning announcements.
2. Design and conduct a survey to show how many people in the school are not being green.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot
it's not gonna get better, it's not."- Dr. Seuss
Here are some of the
gift cards they have awarded during the weekly raffle drawings.
Here is one of the three signs prohibiting idling posted on NKMS parking lots.
The addition added 14,715 square feet of impermeable material to the landscape, adding 8,700 gallons of runoff for every one inch of rainfall.
The rain garden is roughly
825 square feet and handles
a third of the science addition's run-off; nearly 3000 gallons.
The group learned about caring for bees
Rhune Parry
Prezi Design by
Mary Grace
NKMS Gateway

Schools Competition

North Kirkwood Middle School

uest (GGSQ) has been undertaken by
Mr. Hooker's 1st and 2nd Semester Ecology classes.
We have had over 30 exceptional students working on the GGSQ project this year.
Our classes have been working on four main objectives:
No Idling

Rain Garden


We hope you like what we have been working on!
1st Semester Ecology Class!
Hallie, Alice, Grace, Anna, Aiden,
Claire, Bismah, Kelley,
Thora, Cameron,
Jackson, Danny, A.J., and Jack
2nd Semester Ecology Class!
Justin B., Caeden, Ben, Parry, Rhune, Justin P., Luke, Hannah, Mary Grace, Emma, Mark, Charlie, Ryan, Elliott, & Kaleb
Parent Weekly Email
No Idling Campaign Kickoff
This appeared in all parent weekly email updates in December.
Idling Survey Results from December 2014
and March 2015
No Idling On-Line Pledges

Rain Garden Sponsors/Mentors
Jennifer Schamber
Bill Ruppert
Roy Gross

Here are some of the videos they made!
Native Missouri and
Monarch Friendly Plants
for the rain garden
Donations from Sponsors
Bill Ruppert and
National Nursery Products
generously donated 156 plants
at a cost of $190
plus he donated several hours of his time advising the students.
Tom Winter of
Winter Brothers Material Company donated 14 cubic yards of sand valued at $375.
Roy Gross of St. Louis Composting donated four cubic yards of compost and one cubic yard of potting mix valued at $150.
Students submitted a donation request letter to
The Home Depot
for the materials to build a hive stand.
The Home Depot, Store #3004,
generously donated $75.00 for the lumber, bolts, and screws.
They also cut the lumber at no cost.
Jason Mueller
Luke and Elliott
assemble the Hive Stands
The Beekeepers Club
learns how to assemble the
hives at an EMBA workshop March 14.
Thank You to our
No Idling Raffle Prize Sponsors!
The Daily Bread
Hot Pot Smoothie Shop
Finders Keepers
Mike Duffy's
California Pizza Kitchen
Baskin Robins
First Watch
Acoustic Breeze
Bensound Royalty Free Music
North Kirkwood Middle School
Gateway Green School Mentor
Jennifer Carter
Additional Support from NKMS staff provided by
Sandy Wareing
Jason Moore
Non-Ecology Class Students
Jeannie & Julia
Beekeeper Club Sponsor
Beekeeper Club Sponsor
Ecology Class Teacher Assistant
Chicken and Gardening Help
Students applied to Monarch Watch to become a certified
Monarch Waystation
The finished product
Washington University
Sustainability Fellow
Beekeepers Club and Beekeeping Workshop
The No Idling Student group sent a faxed letter to the bus company to get buses at NKMS to reduce their idling.
"The Use of Technology" IMovie is about why you should limit the technology use in your house.
To Be Continued

Trailer for our upcoming video series.
Animals are just like us

How humans can help animals by being green.
Paper is valuable

Reducing, reusing, and recycling paper.
Rain Gardens

Rain gardens and our rain garden group.
Avoid Global Warming

How global warming affects polar bears in the arctic.

Education about bees and information about the
bee group.
Earth Matters

How products like cigarettes, Styrofoam, and other
types of litter harm Earth's environment.
Video Commercials created by the Going Green Group
"Conserving Energy" is about why conserving energy is important and how it can help you and the environment.
"Water" is about why saving water is important to our survival and our planet.
"Littering" is about the consequence of throwing things on the street and other places instead of the bin and what happens if there is too much of it.
"Ocean Acidification" is about the consequences of too much carbon dioxide and our planet's underwater life.
"Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD" is when bees mysteriously vanish from their hives without reason and scientists can't explain the reason for it.
"No Idling" is about what happens when too many cars idle and too much carbon dioxide and other pollutants are released into the air.
"Watch What You Throw Away" is about putting waste products in their proper places to be more sustainable.
the rain garden
new addition
Building The Rain Garden!
NKMS Student enters her mom's ticket for
not idling into the raffle box.
Prepping and planting of starter plugs for the garden
Preparing the educational signs
March 2015
In conclusion, we had amazing results!
In December, over 70% of all drivers were idling at NKMS. However, after a few short months, over 70% of the drivers were not idling, even with snow on the ground!
Over 70% Idling...
Less than 25% Idling!
Jennifer Schamber of Greenscape Gardens donated $40 of plants, and all the pots and trays for the starter plugs.
Involving School
and Community
No Idling sign at a local restaurant, P.J.s Tavern, reminding drivers to not idle.

The drivers in December
collectively idled for 450 minutes using 2.4 gallons of gas and releasing over 40 pounds of CO2 into the air.
In March, that was down to 75 minutes of idling and less than a half of a gallon of gas.
Bees will be delivered
by mail in early May from
Draper Super Bee Apiaries in Millerton, Pennsylvania
Tom Winters
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